Inquiry & Analysis

Inquiry and Analysis (2)



Oregon Tech students will engage in a process of inquiry and analysis.


Inquiry and analysis consists of posing meaningful questions about situations and systems, gathering and evaluating relevant evidence, and articulating how that evidence justifies decisions and contributes to students’ understanding of how the world works.

Criteria for Inquiry and Analysis Assessment

The following are criteria used in the assessment of student work
  • Identify: Identify a meaningful question or topic of inquiry.
  • Investigate: Examine and critically evaluate existing knowledge and views on the topic of inquiry.
  • Collect: Design and execute a means of collecting evidence
  • Evaluate: Analyze evidence obtained in their investigation.
  • Conclude: Draw conclusions based on analysis of evidence; grasp the limitations and implications of their analyses.

Pathway Requirements


  • 3 credits from Inquiry & Analysis – Humanities list
  • 3 credits from Inquiry & Analysis – Social Sciences list
  • 4 credits from Inquiry & Analysis – Natural Sciences list

Essential Practice:            

  • 3 credits from Inquiry & Analysis – Humanities Essential Practice list
  • 3 credits from Inquiry & Analysis – Sciences Essential Practice list (from outside areas that traditionally support the major)                                                                    

Program-Integrated Practice:

  • 1 course, defined by program, that integrates inquiry and analysis in the context of the major


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