Essential Studies Synthesis Experience

A student must take a 3 credit course designated as an Essential Studies Synthesis Experience (ESSE). The purpose of the ESSE is, as its name suggests, to synthesize the learning in all six pathways and apply it at the practicing level in a single course, preparing students for the capstone experience within their major.  At least one foundational course in each pathway must be completed prior to a student taking an ESSE course.

To qualify as an ESSE, a course must: 

  • Address an interdisciplinary question using the full inquiry process
  • Involve team collaboration
  • Demonstrate and synthesize all 6 ESLO’s
  • Include an information literacy component
  • Allow student choice, not prescribed by the major and open to enrollment for students from at least two different departments
  • Involve faculty from two different departments, including a general education department 
  • Include both instructor-directed time and experiential student-directed time