Management B.S. Accounting Option


The Management Accounting Option provides students with accounting education sufficient to enable students to be successful professionals, to pursue graduate education, and to pursue professional certification if they so choose.

Educational Objectives

  • Graduates of the Accounting option can assess and apply their strengths in accounting.
  • Graduates of the Accounting option can distinguish themselves as effective communicators.
  • Graduates of the Accounting option excel in problem solving.
  • Graduates of the Accounting option model ethical and professional behavior.
  • Graduates of the Accounting option are prepared to pursue professional development opportunities and/or graduate education.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, Management Accounting Option graduates will be able to:

  1. Integrate GAAP in financial reporting and analysis.
  2. Demonstrate taxation compliance and planning.
  3. Apply assurance concepts.
  4. Apply managerial accounting concepts.

Student Enrollment and Graduation Data

The Management Accounting Option degree option is offered at the Klamath Falls campus.  Current enrollment is 33 students.  Eight students graduated with a degree in Management Accounting Option in June 2015.

Curriculum Map

The curriculum map for the Management Accounting Option program can be found on the program's web page on the Oregon Tech website.

Summary of Student Learning Outcomes

During the 2015-16 academic year, the program faculty assessed the student learning outcomes summarized in the attached annual report.  

Annual Program Assessment Reports

2015-16 Management B.S. Accounting Option ReportPDF114.94 KB Download
2014-15 Management B.S. Accounting Option ReportPDF566.94 KB Download
2013-14 Management B.S. Accounting Option ReportPDF576.27 KB Download
2012-13 Management B.S. Accounting Option ReportPDF317.28 KB Download
2011-12 Management B.S. Accounting Option ReportPDF259.46 KB Download
2010-11 Management B.S. Accounting Option ReportPDF275.96 KB Download
2009-10 Management B.S. Accounting Option ReportPDF38.38 KB Download
2008-09 Management B.S. Accounting Option ReportPDF33.24 KB Download
2007-08 Management B.S. Accounting Option ReportPDF28.04 KB Download