Applied Psychology B.S.

Program Mission

The mission of Applied Psychology, a Bachelor of Science degree program, is to enable students to apply general knowledge of psychology and in-depth knowledge and skill in specific areas of psychology to communicate effectively, think critically, behave ethically and with cultural awareness, and work interpersonally with people from a wide variety of backgrounds.

Educational Objectives

The educational objectives of the Applied Psychology program are:

  • To produce graduates with effective interpersonal skills who can work in a variety of practical settings.
  • To enable students to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for immediate employment and/or graduate study in psychology and related areas.
  • To provide opportunities for students who wish to apply psychology training to employment in business and human service related organizations or to prepare for graduate programs in related areas.
  • To serve as a minor to complement other programs on campus.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate an understanding of and be able to use major research methodologies in psychology, including design, data analysis, and interpretation
  2. Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of relevant ethical issues including a general understanding of the APA Code of Ethics.
  3. Students will demonstrate basic counseling.
  4. Students will demonstrate effective writing conventions by using APA style effectively in empirically based reports, literature reviews and theoretical papers.
  5. Students will demonstrate effective oral communication skills in various formats (e.g. group discussion, debate and lecture).

Student Enrollment and Graduation Data

For Fall 2014, there were a total of 118 Applied Psychology Majors in Klamath Falls and 36 students graduated during the 2014-15 academic year. Past enrollment and graduation data are available in the annual Assessment Reports on this page.

Curriculum Map

The curriculum map for the Applied Psychology program can be found on the program's web page on the Oregon Tech website.

Summary of Student Learning Outcomes

During the 2014-15 academic year, the Applied Psychology faculty formally assessed the student learning outcomes summarized in the attached annual report. Additional details can be found in department assessment records.

Annual Program Assessment Reports

2014-15 Applied Psychology B.S. ReportPDF205.14 KB Download
2013-14 Applied Psychology B.S. ReportPDF171.64 KB Download
2012-13 Applied Psychology B.S. ReportPDF160.79 KB Download
2011-12 Applied Psychology B.S. ReportPDF98.73 KB Download
2010-11 Applied Psychology B.S. ReportPDF102.79 KB Download
2009-10 Applied Psychology B.S. ReportPDF36.48 KB Download
2008-09 Applied Psychology B.S. ReportPDF27.17 KB Download
2007-08 Applied Psychology B.S. ReportPDF58.80 KB Download