Optical Engineering Dual Major


The mission of the Dual Major in Optical Engineering is to provide a comprehensive program of instruction that will enable graduates to obtain the knowledge and skills necessary for immediate employment and continued advancement in the field of optical engineering. The department will be a leader in providing career ready candidates for various photonics-related technology fields. Faculty and students will engage in applied research in emerging technologies and provide professional services to their communities.

Educational Objectives

The Dual Major in Optical Engineering requires students to complete an ABET-accredited engineering major as a primary major (e.g., BSEE, BSREE, etc.). In addition to the Program Educational Objectives of the primary major, the additional Program Educational Objectives for the Optical Engineering program are:

  • Graduates of the program will demonstrate an ability to analyze and design optical systems.

Program Student Learning Outcomes

The Dual Major Optical Engineering requires students to complete an ABET-accredited engineering major (e.g., BSEE, BSREE, etc.). In addition to the ABET-EAC (a) through (k) Student Outcomes (assessed in the primary major), students pursuing the Dual Major in Optical Engineering must meet one additional Optical Engineering specific Student Outcome:

  1. Demonstrate the ability to design and build optical systems.

This student outcome has three performance criteria:

  • A1. (Sources): Ability to design and build using coherent and incoherent optical sources.
  • A2. (Manipulation): Ability to manipulate light using active and passive elements.
  • A3. (Detection): Ability to design and build using a variety of optical detection systems.

Summary of Program Student Learning Outcomes

During the 2016-17 academic year, the Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy faculty formally assessed the student learning outcomes summarized in the annual program assessment report. Additional details can be found in department assessment records.

Curriculum Map

The curriculum map for the Optical Engineering Dual Major program can be found on the catalog web page on the Oregon Tech website, www.oit.edu/catalog.

Annual Program Assessment Reports

2016-17 Optical Engineering Dual Major Assessment ReportPDF100.18 KB Download
2015-16 Optical Engineering Assessment ReportPDF97.99 KB Download
2014-15 Optical Engineering Assessment ReportPDF107.89 KB Download

Assessment Coordinator

Scott Prahl

Scott Prahl, Professor