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Michael L. Hughes

Assistant Professor
Director of Environmental Sciences

Office: Dow 205
Phone: 541-885-1642
Email: michael.hughes@oit.edu


Ph.D. (2008), University of Oregon, Environmental Science, Studies, and Policy
M.S. (1999), Ohio University, Environmental Geology
B.S. (1995), Ohio University, Environmental Geography

Teaching and Research Specialties:

Aquatic and Riparian Ecology
Environmental Management & Restoration
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Mentoring Undergraduate Research


Fall 2012
ENV 207 Watershed Science
ENV 225 Ecological Assessment of Riparian Ecosystems
ENV 265 & 365 (Advanced) Field Methods in Environmental Sciences
BIO 471 Senior Project Proposal Research
BIO 474 Senior Project Data Analysis & Presentation

Winter 2013
GEOG 115 Physical Geography: Climatology
ENV 207 Sustainability Science & Technology
BIO 261 Sophomore Project Proposal
ENV 314: Environmental Management & Restoration
BIO 472: Senior Project Proposal

Spring 2013
GEOL 201 Physical Geology
ENV 207 Ecological Applications of GIS
CHE 235 Streamwater Chemistry & Sampling
BIO 262: Sophomore Project
BIO 473: Senior Project Data Collection

Summer 2013
Geology 407: Hydrologic Field Methods

Advising / Student Research:
Courtney Fujishin: Accural of Peatland Soil at the Wood River Wetland
Nick Hill: Fluvial Ecology of American Dippers at Cater Lake National Park
Skyler Peterson: Variability and Association of Riparian Vegetation and Soils at Yainix Ranch
Eric Dalrymple: Aquatic Macroinvertebrate Community Variability in the Upper Klamath Basin
Tyler Hammersmith: Bedload Transport of the Wood River
Lauren Renie: Ecological Attributes of Mule Deer Migration Routes on Bly Mountain
Hanna Cox: Feral Horse Distribution and Habitat Attributes in the Pokegama Management Unit
Davis Hernandez: Hydrology and Nutrient Dynamics of Fluvial Palustrine Wetland Systems