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Strategic Plan

OIT 2017: The Strategic Plan

A. OIT will be nationally recognized for the quality of its academic programs and will deliver programs throughout the state to improve educational access for Oregonians and to increase the competitive strength of the state and its industries.

  1. OIT will attract and retain nationally competitive faculty in engineering and technology, health and applied sciences
  2. OIT will have highly effective enrollment management and marketing activities to attract and graduate the best and brightest as well as traditionally underserved populations
  3. OIT will provide robust support for its educational programs with modern classrooms, a high quality living and learning environment and excellent information systems, networking, and web-based and distance delivery systems
  4. OIT will be highly successful in achieving established student learning outcomes that prepare students for professional practice and licensure appropriate to their disciplines
  5. OIT will partner with industry, including the manufacturing and health care sectors to provide technology workers to enhance productivity and international competitiveness
  6. OIT will partner with community colleges for a seamless transition from lower division into baccalaureate professional programs to meet the workforce needs of the state
  7. OIT will set the example for its peers in achievement and maintenance of regional and professional accreditation of its programs for the benefit of students

B. OIT will deliver graduate programs in areas of excellence in manufacturing, engineering, technology, sustainability, renewable energy, health and applied science to meet the needs of Oregon's workforce.

  1. OIT will have at least two graduate programs in each of its schools in areas of high priority for the state's employers and supported by high quality undergraduate programs
  2. OIT will have interdisciplinary research centers that link faculty expertise and graduate programs with industry needs and will partner with sister universities in these activities as appropriate

C. OIT will have a faculty that is engaged in globally competitive applied research in areas that support Oregon's market advantage.

  1. The Office of Sponsored Research will be a model for support of the faculty members engaged in the development of proposals for funded research
  2. OIT will partner with universities throughout the world to increase the international student population on campus and to provide international experiences for OIT faculty and students
  3. OIT will provide support for applied research in focused areas of strategic value to the university, the state of Oregon and our industry and university partners

D. OIT will have long-term fiscal viability and a broad base of funding.

  1. OIT will partner with the Oregon Tech Foundation to fund faculty initiatives in applied research and create areas of excellence with national recognition
  2. OIT will partner with industries throughout Oregon and the region to provide education and training that meets industry needs for competitiveness and to add to the funding base for OIT programs, both through on-site delivery and web-based delivery of programs
  3. OIT will establish high quality alumni activities to maintain a strong link to the campus that encourages the lifelong learning of graduates
  4. OIT will have high quality university advancement activities that build the financial base of the Oregon Tech Foundation through grants from major foundation and strong donor relations.

E. OIT will be in the forefront of the higher education sustainability movement in the areas of campus operations, academics and community involvement.

  1. OIT will develop campus operations that utilize and model the greatest degree of sustainability possible.
  2. OIT will make sustainability an educational priority; key concepts will be integrated into all levels of the curriculum and community.

Strategic Review

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