The state is self-insured for its property and liability exposures. Workers’ compensation insurance is purchased from SAIF Corporation, as required by statute. State monies may only be used to cover officers, employees and agents of state government. The state provides for those coverages by assessing the state agencies. The assessment dollars are then segregated into a fund for property, a fund for liability, and a fund for workers’ compensation premiums.

Only the Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS), through its Risk Management Division (RMD), has the legal authority to direct, manage, and arrange for or purchase all insurance programs of state government, except for employee benefit insurance programs, which are directed and managed by the Public Employees Benefit Board (PEBB).

No one in a state agency may purchase any kind of insurance unless authority is delegated to them by DAS. All universities of the Oregon University System are considered state agencies. If you have any insurance need please contact Risk Management.

Nearly all state-owned property can be covered. This includes automobiles, real property (buildings and equipment), personal property (building contents, and supplies). The state does limit the value of some of the property it will cover and the university must elect to have those items covered. Property with limits of coverage includes boilers and machinery, electronic data processing equipment and media, money and securities, and exceptional items (art or items of historic value).

OUS Risk Management requires a $2500 deductible for any covered property loss.

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