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The mission of the Office of Sponsored Projects & Grants Administration (SPGA) is to facilitate funded research, projects and programs at Oregon Tech. The SPGA works with faculty and staff to develop and submit proposals for foundation, corporate and government funding. The broad services offered by the SPGA are encapsulated by three critical areas: stimulating new sponsored projects, consultation and administrative guidance, and management of proposal submission. The SPGA is the first stop for faculty and staff who wish to pursue external sources of funding. 


The SPGA is responsible for assisting faculty and staff with prospect research and proposal development for sponsored research, projects and programs. The SPGA serves as a resource for faculty who wish to pursue research as well as faculty and staff who wish to otherwise advance the university through funding-eligible projects and programs. 

SPGA responsibilities include the following functions, activities, and services:

  1. Stimulate new and sponsored projects:
    • Provide faculty and staff development workshops;
    • Serve faculty and staff as a resource for information about seeking, obtaining and managing sponsored projects and related internal processes.
    • Identify funding opportunities and sources, and match these with faculty research or project interests.
  2. Consultation and Proposal Development:
    • Provide guidelines for proposals;
    • Offer one-on-one consultations with faculty seeking grant funding and personally assist faculty in completing requisite forms, when necessary;
    • Assist faculty with proposal development, including contributing boilerplate information, ensuring that proposals have the necessary evaluation and sustainability metrics and assurances, helping faculty develop strong cases of need, and ensuring budgets are appropriate and sound;
    • Refer faculty and staff to the OSP for assistance with early-stage collaborations, private sector proposal partners, industry support or other external relationships that enhance a project or proposal;
    • Coordinate with the Business Affairs Office, IRB, Office, the Office of Strategic Partnerships, the Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer and other entities as needed.
  3. Proposal Submission & Post-Award Management:
    • Prepare and manage electronic submission processes;
    • Ensure proposals have requisite approval, including potential IP or legal approvals;
    • Mediate potential conflicts of interest or dual submission issues;
    • Track proposal submissions, awards, rejections and resubmissions;
    • Manage internal infrastructure for proposal management;
    • Ensure grant activities contribute to the advancement of the University.
    • Provide post-award management services: regulatory compliance, ethical compliance, and post-award report submissions.


The SPGA is committed to serve faculty and staff who desire to engage in grants and sponsored projects that support the educational mission of the University.

Relationships to Other Offices

The SPGA works closely with the Office of Strategic Partnerships (OSP) which is responsible for facilitating the external relationships that enable faculty and staff to leverage private sector partnerships for grants and sponsored projects. The OSP helps with the early-stage development of collaborations with industry and community partners that lead to sponsored applied research projects or grants. The OSP is the first stop for external stakeholders (i.e., industry and community partners) who wish to engage with faculty and students at the university.

Additionally, the SPGA works with the Office of Innovation and Technology Transfer (OITT) for IP related matters. The OITT facilitates the development, dissemination, protection, transfer, licensing, and commercialization of technology, inventions, and creations developed by professors, staff, and students at Oregon Tech in order to benefit the public.

Contact SPGA Office

Barbara Neal, Director of Sponsored Projects

OfficePurvine Hall 284

Jesse Sundet, Student-RA

OfficePurvine Hall 276