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How to Set-Up your Email to your Mobile Device

How to set up email on your IPHONE, IPAD or IPOD TOUCH

  1. Select "settings" and then "Mail"
  2. Choose "Add Account"
  3. Then "Exchange"
  4. After that write your email, Firstname.Lastname@oit.edu
  5. The domain is oit.edu
  6. Type in your username, Firstname.Lastname
  7. Type in your MyOIT password
  8. The next step will allow you to pick a name for your mailbox
  9. Then press next
  10. Once you press next you'll get a message saying that "The exchange cannot verify the server identity", just press continue.
  11. Finally, the server textbox will appear. Just type in mail.oit.edu
  12. Put whatever options you want access to, press save, and you are done!
tablet and phone

How to set up email on your ANDROID

  1. First open the email
  2. Then options, accounts
  3. Then options again, add account
  4. Choose Microsoft Exchange
  5. Enter you OIT email account, firstname.lastname@oit.edu
  6. For the incoming settings, the domain is oit.edu , username: firstname.last, your MyOIT log on password
  7. The exchange server is mail.oit.edu
  8. Use SSL, and accept all SSL connections
  9. Next, for the notification settings, Peak time schedule: push
  10. Off-peak time schedule: Push
  11. You can choose your default email account, but it is optional
  12. Also along with the last few options are optional.

*Just make sure you are connected to the web with 3g, 4g or wireless BEFORE setting up the email account on any phone.