Audio/Video Conferencing

Audio Conferencing

There are several options available for audio-only conferences at Oregon Tech.

For three-way calling an analog telephone may be used. There is no extra charge for this type of conference.

For a conference of up to 6 people, from a digital telephone the user can add up to 5 connections for a total of 6. There is no extra charge for this type of conference.

In the event that a conference requires more than 6 connections, a MeetMe conference can be scheduled through the OUS system. Requests for these services must be received by Oregon Tech Telecommunications within in 3-7 days of the conference to ensure time for setup. Pricing for MeetMe conferences can be seen below. The rates below are a flat rate regardless of the time length for the conference.

Audio Conference Pricing:

Base Rate (attendee pays long distance) $15/connection
Toll Free (1-800 type connection) $18/connection

If all conference ports are not used, for example, if 10 ports are requested and only 9 ports are used, a request for credit on unused ports must be received within 24-36 hours of the conference. In such a case, OUS will not bill for the unused ports.

Video Conferencing

We offer video conferencing at several locations here at the Oregon Institute of Technology.

We need at least three days notice to setup a video conference. Since facilities are limited, video conferencing is scheduled on a first come first serve basis.

Academic/Administrative Use:

IP Conferencing (Up to 4 sites) No Charge
Bridged Conferences, IP or ISDN ( > 4 sites ) $125/session

Cancellations of Video Classes:

If cancellation is made:

45 days before the start of term No penalty for cancellation
Between 30 and 45 days 3/4's cost
Less than 30 days entire fee

If you wish to inquire further about video conferencing please call the ITS Service Desk at 541.885.1470 and they will assist in scheduling a system for you.