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The library offers a variety of study spaces from group rooms where you can close the door to individual study carrels where you can quietly cram for your next quiz. There are comfortable seating options and more traditional desks and chairs. We try to offer something that will fit for everyone. See the maps below to see what is available. If you have ideas on other spaces in the library that should be listed here let us know at

Group Rooms

Klamath Falls

The library has a variety of group  rooms you may check out or reserve up to one week in advance. The rooms are located on both the first and second floors of the Learning Resources Ctr. (the LRC building). We will give you directions to the room when you check out the key.

Reservations may be made through the library catalog, or by stopping by the Library Access Services desk on the first floor of the LRC building. Or, you can call Access Services at 541.885.1771. Call the Library Administration Office (LRC-216) at 541.885.1772 to reserve the instructional lab in LRC-113.

When you are ready to check out the room make sure to bring Oregon Tech ID card.

The full policy is available for download to the right.

Wilsonville Campus

There are three rooms in the library on a first come first serve basis. There are two additional rooms, 202 and 218, that may be reserved and checked out from the library. Reservations may be may through the library catalog, or by calling the library at 503-821-1260.

LRC 1st floor
LRC 2nd floor

Wilsonville Campus Library

Wilsonville campus library map

LRC 113

Reservations Policy for LRC 113

LRC 113, a computer lab, is primarily used for classes in Information Literacy. It also provides additional computers for student use during the library’s busy hours.

Library faculty and staff have priority in the use of the room. The first two to three weeks of each term are reserved solely for library instruction sessions and student use.

The library makes LRC 113 available to Oregon Tech faculty and staff to reserve on an as-available basis for one-time classes and professional training. Scheduling of staff training after 3 pm is preferred.

Anyone wishing to reserve LRC 113 should contact the library administrative staff at 541.885.1772 or the reference desk at 541.885.1773 several days in advance. Reservations are displayed on the door of the room.

Any use of LRC 113 for more than one session is considered continuous, and special permission is required from the library director before reservations can be made.

Note: Students may also reserve this classroom for presentation practice or large group meetings that need computers and/or a digital projector (these sessions will be limited to 1 hour).

General Room-Use Policy for LRC 113

  • LRC 113 is a QUIET STUDY AREA. Please keep noise to a minimum & be certain that the audio levels do not extend beyond your headset.
  • FOOD & DRINK IS NOT ALLOWED. Please leave any food or drink unopened while in the lab.
  • The Instructor Computer is NOT available for general use.
  • For general lab-use, LRC 113 will be open from 8 am to 5 pm weekdays. No weekend times available.
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