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Oregon Tech Student Technical Reports

Technical Reports at the Oregon Tech Library

Technical Reports (written for communications courses) are submitted to the library by the Communications faculty, and held for 3 years. Any accompanying documents with identifiable personal information (e.g. cover letters) should be removed prior to the submission of the reports to the library.

Electronic collection

The library has an electronic collection of tech reports. These are organized by topic, then by year and professor. You will need to logon with your Oregon Tech logon to view the reports.

Reports should be submitted via the professor. Talk to your professor if you want your report to be submitted.

Print collection

(ending 2015)
Technical reports can be checked out from the Library for 4 weeks.

Technical Reports are not cataloged, but are arranged on open shelving by subject categories. Access the list of the Technical Reports currently held by the library.

The list is searchable by: Subject; Students’ Last and First Names; Title; Year; and Instructors’ Names. Each category can be arranged alphabetically or chronologically for easier searching.

Follow these instructions to navigate the Excel list:

To Activate the list - click anywhere inside the blue box.

To Sort records first activate the list, than click the arrow next to the column heading you wish to sort and select a sorting function. OR, click List on the list bar, and than click Sort.

To Refresh the list after a search - click Data on the toolbar. Then click Filter on the submenu. Than click Show All. The table will refresh itself.

To Add a record - activate the list, then fill in the information on the * row. The row starting with the asterisks. OR click List on the list bar, and then click Form.

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