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Trouble Printing E-Reserves

When I try to print an Electronic Reserve, I get a blank page.

Sometimes when the Acrobat Reader is installed, it is set up to open within your web browser. When this happens, you get two taskbars. You need to use the printer icon on the lower taskbar in order to print from Adobe Acrobat.

When I try to print a web page, I get only part of the page.

  • Make sure that the cursor is inside the text you wish to print.
  • Many web pages are created with "frames." These break up the page into sections, and many times you can print only the frame that the cursor is in.
  • To print the part of the page you want:
  • Go to File/Print. Look at your printer's Properties. There may be a spot (under Options or something similar) where you can indicate that you want to print the entire page, or print frame by frame or print only one frame. Choose printing the entire page as it is shown.
  • Check Print Preview. Sometimes the above options appear under it.
  • If you can't find any way to select the entire page, highlight a part of the section you want to print and try printing again. Highlighting selects the frame you want.

If you still can't get the section to print, highlight everything you want to print, Copy it, and then Paste it to your document program.