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Communication Studies

Need some background information in Communication-related topics? Start here!

  • CQ Researcher (Oregon Tech subscription database): try these keywords: Communications, Media, journalism, freedom of the press, telecommunications
  • Opposing Viewpoints (Oregon Tech subscription database): try keywords similar to the ones listed above

Looking for Research Articles?

 Start with these Electronic Resources/Databases. See Oregon Tech Library’s webpage listing databases with Communication articles and information:

Specific Journal/Periodical Titles

Aside from the first title, all of these are available at Oregon Tech library, either electronically or in print form. See the Oregon Tech library catalog for more information.

Looking for a Book? 

Books and other items are listed in the Library Catalog. Use the Library Catalog to find materials in the Oregon Tech Libraries' collections and through the Summit. Summit provides access to materials from 36 academic libraries in Oregon and Washington for Oregon Tech students, faculty and staff. See the titles and suggested Library of Congress call number ranges below for pointers to popular items. 

Try these Library of Congress call number ranges

GN301 - 517 Ethnology, Social and Cultural Anthropology
HE7600 - 9750 Telecommunications
HM1106 - 1281 Interpersonal Relations, Social Behavior, Social Influence
P1 - 500 Philology, Linguistics (Communication, Mass Media, Linguistic Theory, etc)
PE1000 - 3700 Modern English Language (rhetoric, writing composition)
PN4699 - 6000 Journalism, periodical press
T10.5 - 11.9 Communication of Technical Information
Z4 – 659 Books, Writing, Publishing (style guides)

Particular Books

Luntz, F. I. (2007). Words that work: It's not what you say, it's what people hear. New York: Hyperion. (Oregon Tech library call number:  PE1431 .L87 2007)

Baldwin, J. R., Perry, S. D., & Moffitt, M. A. (2004). Communication theories for everyday life. Boston: Pearson/Allyn and Bacon. (Oregon Tech call number:  P90 .C6326 2004)

Webster, F. (2003). Theories of the information society. The international library of sociology. London: Routledge. (Oregon Tech call number : HM1206 .W43 2002)

Bannon, G., & Mattock, J. (2003). Cross-cultural communication: The essential guide to international business. London: Kogan Page.  (Oregon Tech call number : HF5718 .C77 2003)

Need a Style Manual?  Visit Oregon Tech Library’s Citing Your Sources page and click on a particular style to get information about how to find the appropriate manual at Oregon Tech library and find other helpful style guide websites.

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Last Updated: August 2010