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Company Information

Getting Started

Business Directories will give you  basic information including address and usually current CEO or CIO. They may also give you company founding dates. The Oregon Tech Library owns Ward's Business Directory, Directory of Corporate Affiliations,  and Headquarters USA.

Almanacs and Yearbooks are also good places to start. These will give you annual information on a company, or an aspect of a company. Some that the Oregon Tech Library has are:

The Gale Virtual Reference Library is a collection of encyclopedias and other electronic reference sources. You can find articles on businesses, and biographies of famous business men and women here.

Finding Articles and Annual Reports

The following resources have a variety of company information in them from articles about companies and business trends, to company annual reports and financial data.

Finding Articles

Finding Annual Reports and Financial Data

Finding Books

If you are researching a company's history, or are looking for biographical and other more general business literature Books can help you out. Electronically the library has some titles in NetLibrary.

Books and other items are listed in the Library Catalog. Use the Library Catalog to find materials in the Oregon Tech Libraries' collections and through the Summit. Summit provides access to materials from 36 academic libraries in Oregon and Washington for Oregon Tech students, faculty and staff. See the titles and suggested Library of Congress call number ranges below for pointers to popular items. 

Try these call number ranges for browsing:

  • Business Consultants HD69.C6
  • Business Names HD69.B7
  • Business Information Services HF 54.5 - HF54.52
  • Business Communication HF5717 - HF5734.5
  • Business Records HF5735 - HF5746
  • Business Failures HG3760 - HG 3769
  • Finance HJ9 - HJ9995

Selected Websites

Finding a specific company on the internet

Searching in one of the directories listed under Getting Started will often give you a current web address for a company. If that does not work, try searching the entire company name in a search engine such as Google or Yahoo. If The company website does not come up check to see if they are a subsidiary of a larger company, and the larger company may have information available on the smaller company. If you are not finding what you are looking for we encourage you to Ask a Librarian (24 hours a day).

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Dawn LoweWincentsen, Wilsonville Campus Librarian

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Last Updated May 2011