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Hot Topics and Current Events

Getting Started

Hot topics and current events are all around you. To get started look around and see what is going on now. Some places to start are watching the evening news, reading a newspaper, a news blog, or even talking to your friends.

Current news:

Or, try some of these places to get started:

Finding Articles

Because you are looking for things that are happening right now there probably aren't too many books or research articles published on your topic. There are still other types of articles out there, such as newspaper articles and magazine articles. These tend to come out more frequently than the average scholarly journal.

Note: Be aware of bias in the articles you find. For example, articles on abortion published by Planned Parenthood are more likely to have a pro-choice bias than articles on abortion published by Focus on the Family. Such biases change the way the same information is presented. By examining the publisher and authors of an article, you will have a better idea of why they came to the conclusions they present in the article.

Electronic resources:

Check out some of these electronic resources to search a topic in multiple publications.

Some sources we suggest:

Find these in the library catalog for print and electronic access.

National publications:
  • New York times  1989-present 
  • USA Today 1992 - present
  • Wallstreet Journal 1984 - present
  • Time Magazine  1923 - present
  • Business Week 1996 - present
Local publications:
  • Register Guard 1997-present
  • San Francisco Chronicle 2000 - present
  • Seattle Times 1997 - present
  • The Oregonian 1997 - 2007; 2015 - present (selected full-text)
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