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Dental Hygiene

Looking for Research Articles?

Start with these Electronic Resources/Databases

  • CINAHL with Full Text
    Many full-text articles. Focus is on patients so use CINAHL when you need to find information on how people and dentistry interact. For example, dental hygienist occupational stress or nutrition and dental caries. CINAHL will give you fewer dental hygiene related articles than Medline, but more full-text.
  • Medline (EBSCOhost)
    No full-text on its own – but there are lots of links to other database articles. Medline focuses on biomedical research. Use when you need to find research information on interactions, effects, diagnoses, behaviors, etc. For example, the effect of fluoride or prevalence of caries in a certain group.
    • PubMed uses the same data that Medline does but is free to anyone. The searching interface may not be as easy as EBSCOhost’s but if you learn how to use PubMed, you can get the same results. The link above will allow you to be told if Oregon Tech Library has the article in one of its databases. PubMed links to open access articles so there is some full-text.
  • Cochrane Library
    Cochrane Library is primarily used for its database of systematic reviews. Use this when looking for evidence-based information. It also has many clinical trial articles, technology assessments, and economic evaluations.
  • SMART (Imagebase)
    When you need an illustration for your report, try here. Academic Search Premiere also has an image search.

For other medical and allied health databases, go to: http://www.oit.edu/libraries/find/articles/subject/healthmed

Specific Journal/Periodical Titles

Locate other dental related journals in the Library catalog by searching by Keyword and limiting to journals. Use keywords such as: dent*  (the asterisk is a wild card and will give you dental, dentistry, dentist, etc.) or oral (though you will have to manually filter out the oral communication journals).

Looking for a Book?

Books and other items are listed in the Library Catalog. Use the Library Catalog to find materials in the Oregon Tech Libraries' collections and through the Summit. Summit provides access to materials from 36 academic libraries in Oregon and Washington for Oregon Tech students, faculty and staff. See the titles and suggested Library of Congress call number ranges below for pointers to popular items. 

Try these Library of Congress call number ranges

  • RK      Dentistry
    • RK58-59.3            Practice of dentistry. Dental economics  
  • RK 60  Dental Hygiene
    • RK60.7-60.8       Preventive dentistry
  • RK280                  Oral and dental anatomy and physiology
  • RK301-493           Oral and dental medicine. Pathology. Diseases
  • RK501-519           Operative dentistry. Restorative dentistry
  • RK520-528           Orthodontics
  • RK529-535           Oral surgery
  • RK641-667           Prosthetic dentistry. Prosthodontics

Particular Books

  • Mosby’s Dental Dictionary         
          2008 edition online         
          2004 edition in Reference    -    RK27 .M672 2004
  • Human Body Book – Mouth and Throat         
           The chapter on Mouth & Throat has many useful images
  • Dorland’s Illustrated Medical Dictionary
             Includes images and audio pronunciations
  • Mosby's dental drug reference – Reference RK701 .G34 2001  
  • Dental anatomy : its relevance to dentistry – QM311 .W64 2002  
  • Dental clinics of North America – RK24 .D4 
             Evidence based dentistry in volume 53 number 1
  • The dental hygienist's guide to nutritional care – QP141 .D365 2005  
  • Essentials of dental radiography for dental assistants and hygienists – RK309 .D44 2003  
  • Applied pharmacology for the dental hygienist – RM301.28 .R47 2007  

Selected Websites

Professional Organizations

American Dental Hygienists' Association (ADHA)
Oregon Dental Hygienists Association
American Dental Association

Dental Hygiene Information on the web

Cases for Student Dental Hygienists
CDC Oral Health Resources
From the CDC's National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, Division of Oral Health.
National Center for Dental Hygiene
RxList – The Internet Drug Index   


How to Read a Scientific Journal
A short and fun guide to making sense of scholarly articles.
The Little Handbook of Statistical Practice
Explanations of what statistical information is really telling you
Dental Anatomy

Evidence-based Dentistry

ADA Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry
Centre for Evidence-based Dentistry
EBD Tutorial
Introduction to Evidence-Based Dentistry

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