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Free Resources

This is a collection of free online resources that may be useful when doing research. We also suggest the following search engines for further resources.

Google Scholar Search educational websites and research databases. Some items may be available free full text, others may not be. To customize google scholar for Oregon Tech, click on the Scholar Preferences link and type, "Oregon Institute of Technology" in the find library box.

DiscoverEd: search open source educational resources. All resources are full text.

You may be interested in our useful research tools page which offers various educational tools, most of which are available for free.

Arts and Humanities

Bibliography of the History of Art Articles about fine arts and art history in English and French.  Sponsored by the Getty Museum.

Bulfinch's mythology: the age of fable or stories of gods and heroes The first 40 or so chapters of Bulfinch's Mythology, including all the chapters dealing with Greek myth, and the Druids and the Beowulf myths

Ethics Updates Ethics Updates is designed primarily to be used by ethics instructors and their students. It is intended to provide updates on current literature, both popular and professional, that relates to ethics.

Nobel Prizes: Prizes and Laureates

Project Gutenberg The Project Gutenberg Philosophy is to make information, books and other materials available to the general public in forms a vast majority of the computers, programs and people can easily read, use, quote, and search.

Resources in Ethics A metasite from the Indiana University with links to organizations, publications and other Web sites related to ethics.

Voice of the Shuttle: Web Page for Humanities Research Links to thousands of sites in all areas of the humanities.


Business Case Studies on the Web

University of Michigan's Center for International Business Education

Harvard Business School Publishing

Company Information

Thomas Register Search for manufacturers free.

Hoover's Online A comprehensive web site that offers an extraodinary amount of information on a wide variety of companies.

Business Codes

NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes New replacement to SIC.

SIC Codes Keyword search of the Standard Industrial Classification Manual.


Links to Communication Studies Resources From the University of Iowa, an extensive list of Internet resources and online (full text) articles on issues in Communications. Check out "Selected Hot Topics"

FAIR: fairness & accuracy in reporting Information and opinion on an extensive array of perceived problems, from corporate ownership to advertiser influence to telecommunications policy to pressure groups.

Computer Science

Computer and Network Jargon

NCSTRL Links to computer science technical reports.

Engineering and Technology

Chemical Safety Information from Intergovernmental Organizations: manufacturing, other fields involving the use of chemicals

Department of Energy: physics, chemistry, materials, biology, environmental sciences, energy technologies, engineering, computer and information science, renewable energy

  • Green Energy Portal: search free government-sponsored reports in the fields of solar, wind power, biofuels, and more. http://www.osti.gov/greenenergy/
  • Information Bridge:  free public access to over 230,000 full-text documents and bibliographic citations of Department of Energy (DOE) research report literature
  • Research and Development Accomplishments: a central forum for information about the outcomes of past DOE R&D that have had significant economic impact, have improved people's lives, or have been widely recognized as remarkable advances in science

eFunda: online tools such as calculators and reference material for mechanical engineers.

Engineer’s Edge: Online reference directory for engineers.

General Interest

arXiv: physics, computer science, math, biology, and statistics: open-access “e-prints” (a newer model of scholarly communication) http://arxiv.org/

Directory of Open-Access Journals: nearly all subjects taught at Oregon Tech

The Free Library: full-text classic books and thousands of online periodicals in many fields.

Applied Math and Science Education Repository: a collection of materials geared toward students at community colleges and technical schools.

Health and Medicine

Anatomy Atlases: full-text anatomy atlases

BioMed Central: open access journals in health sciences as well as some in biology, ecology, and zoology.

The Blonz guide to nutrition, food science and health For general audiences

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's National Prevention Information Network (CDC NPIN)

Centers for Disease Control

FitnessLink For general and academic audience

Free Medical Journals:  Directory of free online journals in many fields of medicine.

Molecular and Cellular Biology Resources 

Highwire Press (Stanford U.): free articles in many health and medical fields. Some articles are only available on a pay-per-view basis.

Health Finder Mainly for consumer questions about health conditions.

Health Services in Oregon: Find services, doctors and information locally and beyond in the healthcare fields.


Library Resources for Geriatrics and Gerontology: hosted by OHSU, this directory site includes web resources as well as library materials. http://www.ohsu.edu/xd/education/library/research-assistance/subjguide-geriatrics-gerontolo.cfm

Medline Plus MEDLINEplus is NLM's web site for consumer health information. It provides organized, categorized lists of health information resources, and tries to point directly to full-text information. MEDLINEplus follows selection guidelines in choosing the resources it points to: they must be authoritative, accurate and well-maintained. The selection guidelines are linked from the MEDLINEplus home page.

Merck Manual For health professionals and upper-division undergraduates

National Center for Health Statistics For general and academic audience

PubMed Central:  health sciences research funded at least in part by the US government.

RxList: The Internet drug index For health-care students and practitioners

Searching Radiology: peer-reviewed journals including articles in radiology topics

Dental Hygiene Research

American Dental Association (ADA) Online

American Dental Hygiene Association (ADHA) Online

Sybertooth Dental Websites

Medical Imaging Technology Metasites

University of Iowa - Imaging sites on the WWW

Medical Image Analysis Information about projects undertaken by various medical imaging organizations in Britain.

Visible Human Project. The Visible Human Project is creating complete, anatomically detailed, three-dimensional representations of the male and female human body. The current phase of the project is collecting transverse CT, MR and cryosection images of representative male and female cadavers at one millimeter intervals.  


Language Resources - A listing of online resources from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst Translation Center.

Martindale's Reference Desk - Covers areas as diverse as astrology and housing, immigration and dinosaurs, chromosome maps and postal information, mortgage calculators, subject dictionaries and encyclopedias.

Digital Book Index - Browsing reveals free full text sources in almost every discipline, including reference books.


Crater Lake Digital Research Collection: a collaborative project between the Oregon Institute of Technology Library and Crater Lake National Park. It is a research collection of park-related scientific and historical/cultural materials for use by researchers, educators and others. http://craterlakelib.oit.edu/

Klamath Waters Digital Library: encompasses a collection of full-text documents, reports, articles, photographs and maps from the 1800's to the present as well as many special collections and resources to help find community solutions to the water issues in the Klamath Basin. http://klamathwaterlib.oit.edu/

Digital Morphology Library: an archive of information on digital morphology and high-resolution X-ray computed tomography of biological specimens.

ISTL Webliography Directory: list of webliographies, organized by subject: resources listed in webliographies are all free and open to the public.  http://www.istl.org/webliographies.html

NOAA Library: geodesy, mathematics, statistics

Public Library of Science: a freely available collection of open-access journal articles in medicine and the sciences.  http://www.plos.org/

Science.gov: multiple science disciplines: federated search engine that includes databases of US government agencies.

Scirus: federated search engine for multiple disciplines in science

US Geological Survey: geomatics: online libraries of maps, photos, and aerial photos; USGS library OPAC; publications warehouse

WorldWideScience: multiple science disciplines: federated search engine that includes many international government websites in the sciences.

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