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Self-Evaluation of Technology Experience

Survey Questions

This survey shows the variety of levels of technology expertise expected of students in online distance education programs. Depending on the instructor and the program, the students may not be required to use all of these skills. However, those items in bold print represent the minimal skill levels usually required for most online distance education studies. If you answered NO to any of the bolded items, you should learn that skill prior to enrolling in a distance education program, or you should take a course that will provide instruction in those skills.

Yes No
1. I have used a computer for more than one year.
2. I use a computer every day.
3. When I have a problem with my computer I can usually fix it.
4. When I have a problem with my computer I have someone I can call to fix it within 48 hours.
5. I use a word processing program daily.
6. I know how to print a document from my word processing program.
7. I have created several documents which exceed ten pages in my word processing program.
8. I know how to set margins in my word processing program.
9. I know how to paginate (set page numbering) and set headers and footers in my word processing program.
10. I know how to save my word processing file as an RTF file.
11. I know how to save my word processing file as a web page (HTML file).
12. I use an Internet e-mail program every day.
13. I know how to set up and use an address list or address book in my e-mail program.
14. I correspond, via e-mail, with more than 5 people on a regular basis.
15. I have sent an attached document with e-mail.
16. I have sent an attached picture or graphic with e-mail.
17. I know how to access web pages via their web page address (URL).
18. I know how to use a search engine (e.g.,Google) to find information on the Internet.
19. On several occasions I have used the Internet to research important information.
20. I am familiar with electronic library databases.
21. I have used electronic library resources (e.g., FirstSearch, InfoTrac, NTDB, etc.) to research a paper.
22. I easily follow 'links' from one web page to another.
23. I am able to navigate backward and forward among many web pages.
24. I know how to print web pages from the Internet.
25. I know how to navigate and print within web frames.
26. I have taken surveys or answered questionnaires on the Internet.
27. I have created more than three presentations using a graphical presentation program (e.g., PowerPoint).
28. I use Microsoft PowerPoint (or an equivalent program) on a regular basis.
29. I have saved a presentation in HTML format.
30. I have created web pages using an HTML editor (e.g., Netscape Composer, Microsoft FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.)
31. I have posted pages on the World Wide Web and made them accessible to others.
32. I know how to subscribe to a list-serve or newsgroup.
33. I participate in list-serves or newsgroups.
34. I know how to access an electronic bulletin board or discussion board.
35. I frequently post comments to electronic bulletin boards or discussion boards.
36. I know how to access different chat rooms on the web.
37. I know how to speak privately to an individual while in a community chat.
38. I have actively participated in one or more chat rooms.
39. I have participated in a web conference before.

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