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Checklist for Getting Started

Getting Started Checklist

To enroll in an online degree program or class, you should complete the items in this checklist. Screenshots that show you how to do each of the steps listed below are included in the Help Documents area on the right. Click those links to get more details on how to do many of the processes listed below.

For additional information on any of these steps, check out this FAQ page.

Programs Offered at Oregon Tech

If you haven't looked at the programs that Oregon Tech offers online, you should first take a look to verify that the program you're interested in is offered. View list of degrees.

Ask Questions

You should talk to the Online staff to ask questions about how the degree program works. If we don't have the answer for you, we will put you in touch with the person on campus who does know the answer. Call toll free phone number 866.497.0008 or email

Apply for Admission

Apply for admission using the special Online admission forms, not the forms found under the Admissions Home webpage. See the Online application forms here.

If you aren't sure which form to use, look in this FAQ and click the item labeled "How do I apply for admission into an online program or class."

If you are not seeking full admission to Oregon Tech and only wish to take up to eight credit hours per term, you will need to submit the Online Non-Admit form.

Students enrolling in DHE 100, MIT 103 or REE 201 should use this Non-Admit form.

If you are seeking graduate admission, please find the appropriate graduate studies information here.

Register for classes

Register for classes during the registration period shown in the Academic Calendars. You must be fully admitted or in a "non-admit" status at Oregon Tech before you can register.

You can use the Web for Student program to register for classes. Note that first time, non-admit students however will be registered by the Online staff. See the link labeled "How to register for classes" in the Files area of this page to see screenshots on how to register.

Get more information about this topic in this FAQ (when the FAQ page opens, click the "How do I register for classes" link).

Check Oregon Tech Email

Within an hour of registering for a class at Oregon Tech, you will have an Oregon Tech email account. Information on how to log into that account will be sent to any personal email address you have on record. Note that the message may be delivered to your junk mail or bulk mail folder.

Check your Oregon Tech email account regularly at  For detailed directions on how to USE the Oregon Tech email program, see the link labeled "Outlook Web E-mail Instructions" in the Files area. Get information on what your username and password is in this FAQ (when the FAQ page opens, click the link labeled "What is my login name and password").

Note that you can also access your email account by logging into your MyOIT account.

Click here to watch a video about the importance of logging into your Oregon Tech email account.

Pay Your Bill

Once you are registered in a class, you are fully responsible for the tuition and fees. You can view your charges in Web for Student under Student Records>Account Summary by Term. You can pay your bill online using Oregon Tech's CASHNet program. Click the link labeled "CASHNet Login Instructions for Students" in the Files area to view the instructions on how to use that program. Click here for more information about paying your bill. Note that Oregon Tech will NOT send you a hard copy bill in the mail. The bill will be sent to your Oregon Tech email account only.  Please check your Oregon Tech email account regularly.

If you need to drop a class, be sure to read the information in the Refund Polices and Deadlines. NOTE: Never assume you will be automatically dropped from a course for any reason. It is your responsibility to drop a course.

You may drop a course by using Web for Student through the second day of the term. After the second day of the term, you may fax a signed request to the Online office at 541.885.1139, or send an email to from your Oregon Tech email account requesting to drop a class. See the link labeled "How to Drop a Class" in the Files area to see screenshots on how to drop a class.

Order Your Books

Most classes require a book and in some cases extra class material. You should order your books from the Oregon Tech bookstore as early as possible. Book listings are usually available three weeks before the term starts. See the link labeled "Buying books online at the Oregon Tech bookstore" in the Files area to see screenshots on how to buy books online. For more information about this topic, click this FAQ (when the FAQ page opens, click the link labeled "How do I buy books") .

Check Your Computer

Prepare for the start of classes by checking that your computer is set up correctly to work with Blackboard Learn. Click the link labeled "Preparing your computer" in the Files area for detailed information on what to check. If you have questions about how to log into any program, check the FAQ for information (when the FAQ page opens, click the link labeled "Where do I log into my Oregon Tech accounts"). Note that if you use a Mac computer, you may have trouble getting some items set up to work. Please try to find access to a Windows-based computer for backup use in case you run into problems using your Mac computer.

Start Classes

Be sure to log into Blackboard Learn and access your classes on the first day of the term after 8am Pacific Time to verify that your classes are there (an email message was sent to you with your Blackboard access information shortly after you registered for a class). For directions on how to log into Blackboard Learn, click the link labeled "Logging into Blackboard " in the Files area. Also inside of each online class, you should click the "Read Me First" link in the menu on the left side of the class and the "Syllabus" link in the same area to become familiar with how each class is set up. Read additional information about Blackboard Learn. Before the term starts, if you want to see an example of what your class will look like, click the link labeled "Example of online class" in the Files area. Note that you can also access your Blackboard account by logging into your MyOIT account.

If you need to drop a class, be sure to read the information in the Refund Polices and Deadlines area. To get a full refund, you need to drop your class by Friday of the first week of classes. You can get a partial refund up until the 26th calendar day of the term. After the 26th calendar day, there is no refund. You may still drop a class after this date, but you won't get any refund (Summer term deadlines are different and are listed in the Refund link). Remember to never assume you will be automatically dropped from a course for any reason.

Log into your Oregon Tech accounts in one location

There is an easy way to access your Oregon Tech email, Blackboard, Web for Student and CASHNet accounts all in one place called MyOIT. You can use it instead of using direct addresses, but if you ever have problems getting into Blackboard, you should use the direct link which is

Click the link labeled "Logging into your MyOIT account" in the Files area to see screenshots on how to log into MyOIT. More information is also included in the "What is the MyOIT account for?" link in the FAQ page.

Further Help

To view a quick help document showing how to use the tools in Blackboard Learn, click the link labeled "Using Blackboard 9.1 - Getting Started Manual for Students" in the Files area.

For questions about using Blackboard Learn, you have many resources available to you. You can email your instructor using the Class Messages or OIT Email tool in your class. You can call the ITS HelpDesk at 541.885.1470 or email the HelpDesk at You can view the student help page for Blackboard Learn. You can call the Online office at 1.866.497.0008.

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