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Leander Rodriguez

Leander Rodriguez

Alumnus, Class of 2016
Hometown: Miami, FL

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I chose Oregon Tech because it offered a software degree with a curriculum that allowed me to really dig into application development. Some math, some theory…sure…but code heavy!

What do you like best about your major?

I enjoyed the consistent challenge, there was never a moment to sit back and just memorize content. I was constantly thrown a new problem to solve, with a new software language and new tools. I also very much enjoyed how accessible the professors and staff are and how willing they are to help you succeed; yet they made sure it was up to me to make it happen!

What would be your dream job in your major?

Working as a mobile application developer, I love the idea of creating apps that are practical and in your pocket.

What’s your favorite thing to do off campus?

I go to tech meetups weekly and go cycling with friends whenever the sun is out! I also run a meetup group on meetup.com called "CTFU Portland"…we are 300 strong right now and get involved with helping spread the Vegan message for a more sustainable future. Watch "Cowspiracy" on Netflix and you'll see what I mean!
P.S. Check out "Forks Over Knives" and "Earthlings" too while you’re at it.

What’s your most memorable moment on campus?

My first "Hello World!" program of course.

Hands-on education for real-world achievement.

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