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President Kevin Malstrom


Meet Kevin

Major/ Program: Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Portland, OR


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Activities & Outreach Officer Mickie Cassady

Meet Mickie

Major/ Program: Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy Engineering
Hometown: Angeles city, Philippines


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Clubs Officer Shellie Johnson

Meet Shellie

Year in school: 3rd Year

Major/ Program:  Vascular Technology 


Biography: Once upon a time there was a girl named Larissa. One day she decided to pack up her things and leave her little island of Honolulu, Hawaii and move to a small town called Klamath Falls, Oregon to pursue her lifelong dream in Medical Imaging Technology. It has been three years now and she managed to get accepted into the Vascular Technology program, finish a minor in Medical Sociology and beginning another in Psychology, become a student government officer for two years, and get involved on-campus. Larissa’s first year at Oregon Tech was not the greatest, she missed her family, friends, and dogs back at home. When she realized that it wasn’t going to get any better unless she did something about it she took a leap of faith and ran for a position in ASOIT, and she must say…. it was best decision she had ever made! Outside of her school life she likes to play tennis, go bowling, hang out with friends, and go on adventures. Larissa has a passion and love for animals, therefore she made the decision to become a vegetarian. Although she loves all animals her favorite animal in the whole entire universe is the sloth, she believes that if the day comes where she would actually be able to touch one in real life that she’d cry from pure happiness. The smallest person out of not only her family and group of friends, but everything else that she’s involved in, weighing in at 5 ft. and barely making 100 lbs, many believe that she’s ready to take on the world! The end.

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Student Affairs Officer Chris Post

Meet Chris

Year in school: 2nd Year

Major/ Program:  Software Engineering 

Hometown:  Wilsonville, OR

Biography: Tristan served as the Freshman officer last year. He is a member of Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, and loves pursuing local volunteering projects. Tristan is dedicated to giving back to this community and making it better each and every day. 

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Vice-President Alexsis Hundley-Kennaday

Meet Alexsis

Major/ Program: Operations Management
Hometown: Roseburg, OR


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Communications Officer Peggy Hawkins

Meet Peggy

Major/ Program: Health Informatics
Hometown: Arcadia, CA


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Administrative Officer Lucas Fuller

Meet Lucas

Major/ Program:  


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Webmaster Mary McEntee

Meet Mary

Major/Program: Information Technology
Hometown:  Sacramento, CA

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