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Summer Term

Summer registration for VA purposes is different than Oregon Tech's. Normally, Oregon Tech considers 0-5 credits to be less than half time, 6-8 is half time, 9-11 is three-quarter time and 12 and above is full time. However, the Summer term is considered an accelerated term since there are only eight (8) weeks. Therefore, the VA considers 8 credits or more to be full time, 6-8 credits is 3/4 time, 4-6 is half time and anything less would be Less than 1/2 time.

Also, You must attend classes for the full eight (8) weeks in order to get your full benefits.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact:

Yuko Johnson, VA Certifying Official

OfficeKlamath Falls/Snell Lower Level

Anne Malinowski, Assistant Registrar/VA Certifying Official