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Students are responsible for obtaining their textbooks before classes begin. Every effort is made to notify students as soon as possible when classes reach "GO" status.

Textbooks for each term are listed on the class status report sent to the students on a weekly basis during term registration. If you have not received a class status report, or the class you are interested in does not have a textbook listed contact the Oregon Tech Seattle program office.

The Oregon Tech Seattle Program does not require students to purchase books from any particular bookseller or bookstore. Barnes and Noble offers Boeing employees a 5% discount and free shipping. Their website is available through Boeing's website under "most popular sites." Other websites include:

Composite textbooks — Because the Composite textbooks are available as digital downloads from Boeing for all Boeing employees, we are no longer handling the purchase of these textbooks.

Textbook: Mfg Processes for Advanced Composites

Textbook:  ASM Handbook, Volume #21

  • Call Beth Abruzzino at ASM - Toll Free 1.800.336.5152 ext. 6; Direct 1.440.338.5151, ext. 5537
  • Request to Order ASM Handbook, Volume #21 at the discounted rate (50%) for Oregon Institute of Technology at Boeing
  • Give your instructor's name, give the course title
  • You will need to have a credit card for purchasing the book, unless you make arrangements with ASM for another method of payment

    Students can also access the ASM Handbook online from Boeing.
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