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Board Members 2012-2013:

Steve Kandra, President

Steve is a third generation Klamath Basin native and farmer. His father, Lawson Kandra, first cultivated his interest in the history of the region. Steve spent many hours in his youth tagging along with his father surveying historical sites and visiting musty bookstores of the West – appreciation through immersion. Steve learned about the Shaw Historical Library through his father’s close friend, the Shaw’s first Library President, Frances "Van" Landrum. Van invited him to serve on the board in 1987. The Kandra legacy of collecting Land of the Lakes historical materials passed on to Steve when his father passed away in 1984. Steve is committed to growing the library from Laurence Shaw's original vision of a "comfortable reading room" to a regional historical collection of significant stature, valuable for research and preservation of the cultures and heritage of the Land of Lakes. Steve enjoys his association through the board of many talented people of diverse backgrounds, but common interests, working to preserve and share the regions’ history.

Ryan Bartholomew, Vice President/Secretary

Ryan is the Operations Officer serving at Kingsley Field. He followed in his father’s footsteps and earned his BS in History (2003) and MA in Teaching (2004) at Southern Oregon University. While not presently working professionally in the field of History, Ryan has put his studies to good use helping preserve and promote local history. Ryan spent one year working at the Klamath County Museum and served as curator of the Fort Klamath Museum in 2001. He is a charter member of the Malin Historical Society and has served as President since 2005. He is the author of the Malin Historical Society quarterly newsletter and was chief contributor to the Malin History book released in the summer of 2009. His goals include preserving, showcasing, promoting and educating groups of all ages about the monumental achievements and occasional blunders that have occurred throughout our area’s relatively short but fascinating history.

Carole Fisher, Treasurer

New to the Board in 2011, Carole has twenty-five years of senior management experience in small entrepreneurial as well as large corporate media organizations. She received her MBA from Golden Gate University. She is currently engaged in ranching in Bonanza and runs her own business as a full-service publishing consultant. Her background includes: Operations - recruiting, staffing, human resources, facilities, budgeting, board relations; Marketing - market/audience identification, product position/ launch strategies, sales/ business development, customer relations; Production - interactive/online and print magazines, books, CD's, events.

Barbara Ditman

Barbara has volunteered as an archivist at the Shaw Historical Library since 2004. She was appointed to the Board of Governors in 2008. Barbara's commitment to the Shaw Library stems from her appreciation of the significant collections in its archives, as well as her long - standing interest in local history. Barbara retired in 2004 after a thirty-two year career with the U.S. Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management. During her work with the Forest Service she developed skills in forestry, wildlife biology, managing federal lands, budgeting, teamwork, cooperating with diverse interests, long-term planning, technical and business writing, and supervision of a large work force. She has experience in fund-raising and grant-writing for non-profit organizations.

Lee Juillerat

The need for preserving and documenting the region's rich history are motivating factors for being involved with the Shaw Historical Library for Lee. The longtime regional editor for the Klamath Falls Herald and News, he has specialized in writing and photographing human interest and lifestyle stories about people, places and historical events for the newspaper and a variety of magazines. Along with being a regular contributor to the annual Shaw Journals, Lee has authored or co-authored several books, including two about Crater Lake National Park. During his years as chairman of the Shaw Journal committee, the annual publications focused around such yearly themes as the history of the sheep industry, Lava Beds National Monument and Crater Lake National Park anniversaries, homesteading, the timber industry and the Japanese American Internment Camp. He lives in a historic house that previously was the home of J.D. "Judd" Howard, the man who discovered and named many of the caves at the Lava Beds and is regarded the father of Lava Beds National Monument.

Stephen R. Mark

Stephen is a historian for the National Park Service. His focus is Crater Lake National Park and Oregon Caves National Monument. He has been a member of the Shaw Historical Library Board of Governors for seven years and is an ongoing contributor to the Shaw Journal. Stephen is an accomplished writer. His most recent book is Domain of the Cavemen: a Historic Resource Study of Oregon Caves National Monument.

Barbara Shaw

Barbara will be joining the Board in 2012.

Ex-Officio Members:

Emeritus Board Members:

  • William Ganong
  • Marita Kunkel
  • Nell Kuonen
  • Darle Runnels
  • Betty Lou Byrne Shirley (deceased)