Government Relations

The Office of Strategic Partnerships and Government Relations supports Oregon Tech’s vision:
Oregon Institute of Technology will grow and be recognized as an outstanding university in Oregon, the Northwest region, and nationally with graduates who excel in the technological workplace. We will be known for our commitment to applied research, the preparation of "world-ready" graduates, and partnerships that ensure quality programs and opportunities for Oregon Tech to be a leader in economic development.

Working with local, state and nationally elected and appointed leaders, Oregon Tech’s government relations efforts are focused on enhancing student and graduate success, continuing excellence in applied degree programs, providing statewide educational opportunities, and increasing service to the community.

Oregon Tech’s Local Issues

Senator Merkley in Greenlite Hybrid
  • Increased access for rural and under-served students to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) degree programs (see
  • Assistance to recruit and retain companies through local partnerships
  • Engagement with local companies to support innovation, utilizing student and faculty expertise
  • Workforce development support for local industry

Oregon Tech’s State Issues

  • Higher education governance
  • Education policy and reform including Oregon Tech's initiatives to achieve the state's educational goals
  • Education Achievement Compacts
  • Funding models and policy option packages to support high-demand occupational programs
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) Education Partnerships
  • Expanded healthcare workforce development

Oregon Tech’s Federal Issues

Bonamici Research Forum at Oregon Tech Feb 2014
  • Applied research
  • Financial aid
  • Education policy including distance education
  • Energy policy, with a focus on support for geothermal and other renewable energy resources
  • Re-authorization bills that impact Oregon Tech’s portfolio of programs
  • Federal competitive grants to enhance Oregon Tech’s degree programs
  • Student access initiatives, with a focus on STEM, rural students and first-generation college students

Government Relations Update

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