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Health Care IT Simulation Lab (SIM Lab)

Value of SIM Lab

With public, private, community and industry partners the Oregon Institute of Technology (Oregon Tech) has created and implemented a fully operational computer-based health care information technology simulation lab for the Oregon Center for Health Professions and Oregon Community Colleges.

The simulation lab provides learning and research opportunities using virtual patient data for all allied health, computer science, engineering and information technology disciplines at Oregon Tech’s campuses in Klamath Falls and Portland, as well as at Oregon’s community colleges.

The SIM Lab will offer real-life case-base training using clinical and management information systems including practice management systems (PMS), electronic health records (EHR), secure messaging, document management and Patient Portal systems. Future applications will include simulated real-world environments using patient health records (PHR), picture archiving and communication systems (PACS) and laboratory information systems (LIS).

Value to Students

The Oregon Tech simulation lab supports the newly launched Health Informatics undergraduate degree program, IT programs and varied allied health programs at Oregon Tech and at Oregon community colleges. The Oregon Tech Health Informatics BS degree program is one of the first of its kind in the State of Oregon and one of only a handful nationwide. The simulation lab offers students hands-on experience and applied research opportunities with groundbreaking technology that will form the basis for a wide range of undergraduate student’s future careers in the health professions.

Value to the Community

The project helps build the health care workforce of the future. Graduates who have been trained using the SIM lab experience will have the skills necessary to immediately contribute in health care IT positions at community hospitals and clinics, health insurers, software vendors, consultants and other health care employers. The SIM lab offers access to students at all post-secondary levels.

Value to Partners

As one of the first simulation labs of its kind in the nation, participating industry and community partners will be recognized as important key contributors leading innovative experiential teaching using state-of-the art systems, preparing the health care workforce of the future. Student lab exercises, funded research and Capstone projects will test product features, usability and design. Partners will be able to provide guidance and input helping ensure that the SIM lab and curricula meet industry technology and workforce needs.