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IT - Application Development Option

Information Technology - Application Development Option

Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology - Application Development Option is the choice for students interested in a career in technology that works closely with the business management and the engineers supporting technology. In this program, you will receive practical, hands-on technology instruction, coupled with a solid understanding of business practices. Your education at Oregon Tech will enable you to pursue a wide variety of jobs in the growing IT industry. You can expect the best training for the best jobs with the best salaries.

What is Information Technology?

Information technology covers an ever growing variety of job descriptions which range from technicians to administrators to technology managers. Categories of job descriptions typically used to describe IT positions include:

  • Network Administrator
  • Network System Engineer
  • Network Communications Specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Programmer/Analyst
  • Information Systems Specialist
  • Internal and External Web sites
  • Systems Analyst
  • Customer Support

The IT field is rapidly expanding to cover most of those jobs descriptions that involve the use of computers to capture, manage and communicate key organizational data. New information career paths like network security, wireless communications, data warehousing, and the like are showing up on the job boards. With this degree at Oregon Tech you will be well positioned to take advantage of the growth in the field of Information Technology.

Nature of Work

As an Information System specialist you will be one of those people who understand current technology and are able to provide insightful perspective to the business side of the organization. You will work collaboratively with the business/sales/marketing staff and the technicians to craft efficient information systems and the applications that run on those systems. You will be able to design, implement, and support the computer systems needed in all aspects of business. To help you find the right job, you will have a working knowledge of database management systems, object-oriented programming languages, computer networks, systems analysis and standard management practices. Salaries in this field typically range from $45K to $75K depending on experience.

Why Oregon Tech?

Oregon Tech is Oregon's only state run Polytechnic university. We are one of the 7 state schools under the Oregon University System and we are accredited through NWCCU, which is recognized nation wide. Our graduates enjoy the highest career placement in the state, and our hands-on curriculum produces practical skills highly desired by employers in the state. The Wilsonville Campus is designed to provide an industry-focused, urban university experience at the heart of the "Silicon Forest."  Oregon Tech's high-demand degrees are accessible to freshmen, community college transfer students, working professionals, and busy adults by offering courses that fit their lifestyle.

What to do Next?

Contact Oregon Tech Wilsonville to sign up an Admissions Advising Appointment.  You can sign up for a session by calling 503-821-1250.  This session will allow you to get more detailed information about Oregon Tech in Wilsonville.  If you have already applied and been admitted, please call for an advising session to map out the most direct path to reach your educational goals and objectives. 


You can also check out Admissions to explore the requirements to be admitted to Oregon Tech.