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Annual Course Planner (SA & AD)

Information Technology

Systems Analysis and Application Development

The yearly course planner allows you to see when particular courses are scheduled to be offered throughout the current academic year. It is intended to be your primary source of course planning for you. Schedules change, sometimes without notice, so even though this is the best source of current information, be sure to verify courses as you do your planning. The major edits for this planning guide happen in the Spring term for the following academic year (Fall-Summer term), but minor changes can, and will, occur throughout the year as necessity dictates. Keep in mind that the accuracy of the plan beyond the current planning year cannot be guaranteed as programs and courses change from year to year.

The following year course planner includes classes offered for Application Development and Systems Analysis options of the Information Technology program. Look for the yearly planner for the Health Informatics option and Operations Management program under their respective web pages. Not all non-required courses will be listed here (i.e. Social Science electives). In-class and online course offerings are included. Not every course listed will be required for your degree. For distance Ed courses it is a good idea to confirm that timing on classes as they can change as situations demand. The Distance Ed yearly planner can be found at www.oit.edu/online/courses/annual-planning-schedule. Consult with your advisor as necessary.

Last updated: 9/26/2012