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MLS Information Session

The next MLS Information Session is scheduled for Tuesday, March 7, 2017 at 7:00 pm.
This is an excellent opportunity to have your MLS questions answered, learn about the application process and tour the campus.
Please RSVP to

The first step toward pursuing the BS MLS degree at Oregon Tech is admission to the University. First year, transfer and all prospective professional program students apply directly to the Office of Admissions at Oregon Tech. For information on how to apply to Oregon Tech, visit the Oregon Tech admissions website at

The Professional Program

CLS lab

The professional program admits one cohort of no more than 50 students a year. Except for Early Admission Program students, all prospective professional program students should submit completed applications to the Department of Medical Laboratory Science Office (Wilsonville) from September 1st to December 31st. 

Please review the program requirements and read the FAQs located on the left.

Admission to the professional program is criterion-based, competitive, and decided by the program admissions committee. Applicants compete for interview slots on the basis of their qualifications including scholarship, letters of recommendation, personal essay, and quality of activities. Interviews are conducted in February and those selected for admission are notified in March.

Early Admission Program

The early admission program (or EACLSP) is designed for Oregon Tech freshman or beginning sophomore  students who are certain of their career path. Oregon Tech students with freshman or sophomore year standing may apply for acceptance into the Early Admission MLS Program (EACLSP) track. EACLSP students who meet minimum eligibility requirements are automatically admitted to the MLS professional program.

For more information contact the Department of MLS office (Wilsonville) at or 503.821.1146 or Rosalind McClure (Klamath Falls) at 541.885.1525.

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