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During the first three years of the degree program or pre-professional phase of study, MLS students complete a minimum of 103-quarter hours that includes general education coursework, and biology and chemistry prerequisite coursework. Additionally, to receive an Oregon Tech degree, students who graduated from high school in or after 1997 but who did not complete two years of a foreign language in high school must complete two terms of college-level second language coursework.

Students pursuing the Medical Laboratory Science degree may complete all pre-professional coursework on either of the two Oregon Tech campuses: the Klamath Falls campus in southern Oregon or the Wilsonville campus, just south of the Portland metro area.

CLS students

Through an application process students are selected to enter the fourth year of study or the professional program. It is 15 months (5 consecutive terms) long, beginning in September of the academic year in which a student is admitted and ending in December of the following year. Professional program students spend four quarters completing medical laboratory science-specific coursework on the Oregon Tech Wilsonville campus. Upon successful completion of the on-campus work, students are assigned to one or more program-affiliated medical laboratories to complete an extended fifth term (16 weeks) of clinical training.

During clinical training, students spend 40 hours per week applying knowledge and skills to perform a wide variety of testing in a contemporary, accredited medical laboratory and to further develop discipline-specific competency under supervision of clinical instructors. Currently, the Department of MLS maintains affiliations with accredited laboratories in throughout Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and Idaho.

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