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Yearly Course Planner - Operations Management

The yearly course planner allows you to see when particular courses are scheduled to be offered throughout the current academic year. This course planner is a useful tool to plan what quarter to take particular classes that are of interest to you.

The following year course planner includes classes offered for the Operations Management program. In-class and online course offerings are included. Every course listed will be required for your degree. Consult with your advisor for the course requirements for your specific program.

NOTE:  Courses schedule without notice.  So courses listed in this table are a projection of what will be available, but are not guaranteed.

 O  To be taken online 
 W  Classes being taught in PDX West Campus     
 E  Classes being taught in PDX East Campus

The first 3 characters under Inclass columns shows the day of the week on which the class will be conducted.

Class Schedule

Class type Inclass   Online
Courses Cr Cr.Num Fa Wi Sp Su   Fa Wi Sp Su
Principles of Accounting I
Introduction to terminology, content and form of financial statements for sole proprietorships. Recording of data for use in preparing profit-andloss statements and balance sheets.
Prerequisite: MATH 100 or equivalent.
4-0-4 ACC201   O O O O
Principles of Managerial Accounting
Theory and procedure in gathering cost data and their use in analyzing and controlling operation costs: job-order and process-cost systems. Technique of standard costs, analysis of variance, managerial reports, and specialized cost programs including activity based costing systems.
Prerequisite: ACC 201 with grade “C” or better.
4-0-4 ACC203   O O
 Finance     3-0-3   ACC 325 WED W              O   
Addresses what globalization is and how it developed and spread. Benefits and harms of globalization in the areas of work, culture, warfare, national sovereignty, health and food. Countervailing pressures from social movements will be examined.
Prerequisite: WRI 122.
3-0-3 ANTH452   O O
Principles of Management
Introduction to management organization in industrial and service organizations. Functional aspects of organizational history. Team concept management, corporate cultures and business ethics. (Cannot be taken for graduation credit by students who have taken BUS 304 or BUS 317).
3-0-3 BUS215   O O O
Principles of Marketing
Fundamentals of marketing. Product, price, promotion and place as basic concepts in modern marketing. Consumer behavior, competition, legal, ethics and other influences in the marketplace.
3-0-3 BUS223 THRS E   O O O O
Business Law
The fundamentals of business law: the structure of federal and state courts and agencies, their decision processes; the legal structure of modern business organizations including closely and publicly held corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, nonprofit corporations, sole proprietorships and limited liability companies; contract law; Uniform Commercial Code; tort law and its implications for business; administrative law; and criminal law as it applies to business and industry.
3-0-3 BUS226 O O
Business Presentations
Design, preparation and delivery of effective business presentations. Emphasis on integration of skills in speech, written communications and desktop publishing in the development of executive presentations in the multimedia environment.
Prerequisites: SPE 111, WRI 227.
3-3-4 BUS356 THRS W MON E   O
Business Research Methods
Research design, exploration and proposals. Hypotheses Formulation and testing. Data sources, collection and analysis. Survey design, sampling and census techniques. Library and online information retrieval sources. Effective search strategies. Research reporting.
Prerequisites: MATH 361, WRI 227.
3-0-3 BUS456 MON W   O
Service Management
The nature of service and service encounters, strategy and competitiveness. Design of service systems. Facilities location, design and layout. Service quality and continuous improvement.
Prerequisites: BUS 215, MATH 361.
3-0-3 BUS467 TBD   O
Cases in Strategy & Policy
Comprehensive study and analysis of businesses and/or case studies. Evaluation of strategic and operational decision making. Performance analysis in areas of finance, marketing and social performance.
Prerequisites: ACC 325, WRI 227, senior standing.
4-0-4 BUS478 MON E   O
OM Senior Project I
Senior students plan, develop and complete a project for a client or an independent research project. Includes topics dealing with client contact, time management and estimation, task definition, privacy and client confidentiality. Periodic progress reports and presentations required. Instructor functions as a consultant.
Prerequisites: ACC 325; WRI 227.
Corequisite: BUS 356.
3-0-3 BUS496 SAT W   O
OM Senior Project II
Senior students plan, develop and complete a project for a client or an independent research project. Includes topics dealing with client contact, time management and estimation, task definition, privacy and client confidentiality. Periodic progress reports and presentations required. Instructor functions as a consultant.
Prerequisites: ACC 325; WRI 227.
Corequisite: BUS 356.
3-0-3 BUS497 Sat W   O
Intercultural Communications
Introduces basic theories and concepts of intercultural communication. Builds understanding and skills enabling students to analyze intercultural interactions and develop and practice effective communication strategies. (Satisfies general education requirements in Communication or Humanities.)
3-0-3  COM205 TUE E   O O O O
Micro Economics
Topics include scarcity, consumer choice, supply and demand, elasticity, cost and pricing theory, theory of market structures (competition, monopoly, monopolistic competition, oligopoly).
Pre- or corequisite: MATH 105 or MATH 111.
3-0-3 ECO201   O O O
Macro Economics
An introduction to the economic problem. Topics include gross domestic product, unemployment, monetary policy, fiscal policy, macro equilibrium, inflation, and supply and demand.
Pre- or corequisite: MATH 105 or MATH 111.
3-0-3 ECO202   O O O
Operations Management I
Functions of the operations division within the organizational structure. Manufacturing and service organization trends. Capacity planning with forecasting and master scheduling. Introduction to Just-In-Time concepts.
Prerequisite: MATH 361.
3-0-3 MGT321 MON E   O
Operations Management II
Supply chain management for service and manufacturing companies. Covers flows of goods and services through relationships with business customers, suppliers and partners. Students learn how to manage strategic, operational and tactical planning using best-known practices and efficient use of information systems. Evaluate and design effective supply chains.
Prerequisites: MGT 321 and MIS 375.
3-0-3 MGT322 MON W   O
Operations Management III
Effective budgeting methods for industrial environments. Budget planning, formation and cost controls. Flexible budgets and expense management. Manufacturing/non-manufacturing costs and cost/contribution analysis.
Prerequisites: BUS 215, MIS 275, and ACC 201.
3-0-3 MGT323 THU E   O
Project Management
Advanced application of the Critical Path Method to organization and control of project implementation. Applications software will be used to create and evaluate project networks and to develop management reports.
Prerequisite: MGT 321.
3-0-3 MGT445   O
 Project Management     3-0-3   MGT 445           O       
Lean Management I
Lean thinking as applied to production and service operations. Kaizen, kaikaku, pull production and systems, value stream mapping and analysis. Standardized work charts and combination tables to streamline work content and achieve flow. Identifying sources of muda and its elimination.
Prerequisite: BUS 215 or MGT 321.
3-0-3 MGT461 WED E   O
Lean Management II
Overview course of Six Sigma management roles, responsibilities and terminology. Students will understand the tools and the phases of the DMAIC model and explore business cases to understand how Six Sigma techniques are applied to business.
Prerequisite: MATH 361.
3-0-3 MGT462 TUES W   O
Lean Management III
Techniques and tools applied toward improvement of basic business processes. Process documentation, flowcharting, streamlining, benchmarking and value-added assessment. Methods for measuring process efficiency and effectiveness and reducing waste and bureaucracy in service and manufacturing situations with particular emphasis to the employment of information technology.
Prerequisites: MGT 462.
3-0-3 MGT463 WED E   O
College Algebra
Study of functions including graphs, operations and inverses. Includes polynomial, rational, exponential, logarithmic functions and their applications, and systems of equations.
Prerequisite: MATH 100 with grade “C” or better, or equivalent.
4-0-4 MATH111   O O
Statistical Methods I
Graphical representation of statistical data, measures of central tendency and variability, and elementary probability. Applications of binomial, normal, “t,” “F,” and chi-square distributions; tests of hypothesis; regression and correlation analysis. Multiple regression, analysis of variance and design and analysis of experiments.
Prerequisite: MATH 111 or instructor’s consent.
4-0-4 MATH361 FRI W   O O O O
Finite Math & Calculus
Linear functions, matrices, linear programming, mathematics of finance, derivatives and their applications. The integral and its applications, and calculus of several variables.
Prerequisite: MATH 111 with grade “C” or better.
4-0-4 MATH371 THRS W   O O O
Spreadsheet Software Lab
Spreadsheet lab using Microsoft Excel software. Includes creating worksheets, charts, formulas, functions, what-if analysis, sorting, multiple worksheets, workbooks, templates, pivot tables and importing of data.
1-0-1 MIS102   O O O
Intro to Relational Databases
The relational model, DBMS functions, administration, design methodology, normalization, QBE and SQL. Hands-on design, development and use of a database system using the Microsoft Access software including queries, updates, reports, forms, macros and application systems.
3-0-3 MIS275   O O
Intro to Info Systems
Introduction to state-of-the-art business information systems. Acquiring, processing and distributing information in a technological environment. The MIS organization: its place in business, key trends and implications. Introduction to computing hardware. Introduction to System Development Life Cycle.
Prerequisite: MIS 275.
3-0-3 MIS311 THRS W   O O
Decision Support Sys
Use of personal computer application programs for analysis and reporting, problem solving, and decision assistance.
Prerequisite: MIS 102, MIS 311 with grade “C” or better, MATH 361 and MATH 371.
2-3-3 MIS375 FRI E   O O
Ethics in the Humanities
The study of ethical theory and the evaluation of ethical issues in the professions. Moral issues will be selected from medicine, business, education, law and engineering.
Prerequisite: WRI 123 or WRI 227.
3-0-3 PHIL307   O
Introduction to the principles and applications of psychology. Topics include scientific methodology, learning, memory and cognitive processes.
3-0-3 PSY201   O
Organizational Behavior 
Psychology applied to business organization and operations as they affect employees, customers, and the community with particular interest on group processes.
Prerequisite: Junior standing or instructor consent.
3-0-3 PSY347 TBD   O O O
Fundamentals of Speech
Projects in public speaking with emphasis on content, organization, and speaker adjustments to various situations; dynamics of the speakerlistener interaction; and appropriate language usage. Exercises in listening, criticism, logic, support, and ethics.
2-3-3 SPE111 MON E  
Small Group & Team Comm
Instruction and experience in decision making through group processes with objectives of developing competent team leaders and participants. Participation in and evaluation of a variety of group communication exercises.
Prerequisite: SPE 111.
2-3-3 SPE321 TUE W TUE E TUE W   O O O
English Composition I
Focuses on narrative/descriptive and expository writing. Students write essays, edit their own and others’ work, develop competence in drafting, composing, organizing, and revising a variety of types of essays.
Prerequisite: Writing ability as demonstrated bySAT/ACT score and/or writing sample.
3-0-3 WRI121
English Composition II
Designed to develop skills in ethical argument, research, and critical thinking. Multi-page papers, including an argumentative research paper, required. Students draft, compose, organize, and revise with focus on audience, effective style, and overall rhetorical effect.
Prerequisite: WRI 121 with grade “C” or better.
3-0-3 WRI122 O O
Technical Writing
Practice in techniques of gathering, organizing, and presenting technical information. Technical reports derived from realistic situations found in the student's major will be written.
Prerequisite: WRI 122.
Pre- or corequisite: SPE 111.
3-0-3 WRI227 MON E   O O O O
Advanced Technical Writing
Processes involved in technical writing and methods of preparing technical data; offers a variety of writing problems to provide opportunities for the student to develop precision in statement and in graphic presentation.
Prerequisite: WRI 227.
3-0-3 WRI327 THRS W MON E   O O O

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