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Fluids and Thermodymaics Lab

In the fluid dynamics and heat transfer lab you will perform experiments using state of the art equipment. The lab features hand tools and analytical devices to deliver and measure voltage. It also has pneumatic service and a central power bus. You will learn about fluid behavior, pressure losses, pumping power and many other design related criteria to design robust and efficient fluid systems. You will also perform a variety of experimental set ups to learn about heat and thermal energy transfer.

Thermodynamics Lab
The Concentric Heat Exchanger and the Plate Heat Exchanger used in the Thermodynamics lab. Thermocouples for the systems are connected via USB to this computer so that the hot and cold temperatures can be monitored and recorded digitally.
Gravimetric Hydraulic Bench
Gravimetric Hydraulic Bench H1 and Flow Measurement H10 (pictured on top) demonstrates typical methods of measuring the flow of an incompressible fluid and models applications of Bernoulli’s equation.
Piping Systems Trainer
Losses in Piping Systems trainer, H16, demonstrates pressure losses in multiple small-bore pipe circuits and components. This trainer models systems typical of those found in central heating installations.