This is it! Oregon Tech Wilsonville has a workshop. You can fabricate your term and senior projects here. The shop is equipped with a drill press, saws, hand tools, and a CNC mill. This work space is set up with machines to cut, grind, and weld ferrous metals and aluminum.

You too can work in this creative zone once you have completed the Blackboard online safety course. Send Richard Ellis an email to request enrollment. Completion of the General Lab safety test and the Shop Tools safety test are required for you to use the tools. If you are inexperienced in the ways of tools and craftsmanship but still want to build, send Richard Ellis an email to arrange a hands on training.

Personal Protective Equipment is required if you are in the shop. There are safety goggles, face shields, and ear muffs available; however, it is recommended that you bring you own gear. You must be wearing closed toe shoes and long pants if you expect to use the tools. Close fitting clothing is ideal and long hair must be tied back.

If you are new to fabrication and need help with your project, Richard or one of the Lab Monitors are available to help you. If you need material, special hardware, or need to arrange a special set up for your project, please meet with Richard and bring your proposal. It can take a little time to source these items, and you have to find alternatives.

Head over to the Projects Page for more resources before getting started. You will find a link to the Pre-Task Plan form, project examples, and contact information.

view of the Shop

Richard Ellis, Instrument Technologist - Mechanical


Brandon Clarno, Student Lab Assistant - Machinist

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Shop Floor
The Shop has a range of work benches to accommodate different project needs. We are always working to improve the efficiency and industrial hygiene of this lab.  
CNC Mill
The Tormach CNC mill. For more sophisticated projects, the Shop boasts a CNC mill for fabricating special parts. We keep a plurality of end mills, facing mills, and Ball nose cutters. Even if you have some machining background, you are encouraged to work with one of the Lab Monitors to review your G-code, set up the machine, and plan your cutting tools.
Work Bench
The Machinist's work bench. Stocked with mills, bits, taps and dies, gauges, and reference materials.
Chop Saw and Tool Storage
Chop saw and tool storage
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