Career Pathways

Plan your future with Oregon Tech’s Career Pathways Program

As a partner in the Career Pathways movement in Oregon, Oregon Tech helps students navigate the education system and earn highly marketable certificates and degrees- faster and easier. We also help employers connect with our highly qualified graduates in a fast-moving market.

It's simple. Oregon Tech is the most flexible, low-cost, responsive university in the Oregon University System. We accept high levels of technology transfer credits from community colleges and other institutions to make it easier for students to earn degrees. We provide intensive analysis of completed coursework so you can receive the maximum number of transfer credits and credits for proficiency while getting a quality education. And we easily accommodate many Community College technology programs by transferring their technical credits toward a BS degree.

In addition, Oregon's community colleges are also developing career pathways visual maps that detail which courses lead to specific careers. Oregon Tech is included in these maps in engineering technology, healthcare, applied science and management professions. You can view the career pathways maps at:

Through Career pathways, our students get on the fast track to higher learning by acquiring high paying skills in high demand occupations while earning professional and technical degrees.

Oregon Tech's career pathways are developed through articulation agreements with community colleges. You can view these agreements at: