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NEW: Career Services in Wilsonville!

Career Services serves students and alumni, campus partners, and employers. We help students and alumni develop and advance their careers, partner with faculty and staff to educate students about career development, and help employers connect with workforce-ready Oregon Tech talent:

Internship Opportunities for Students

Business Education Compact

BEC is a year-round internship placement services for interested students. Their services provide students with an abundance of internship opportunities around our country. Use their resources to access engineering, healthcare, and management internships options in demanding industries.

Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program

Oregon Institute of Technology has been affiliated with MECOP since 2001. Our mission in this partnership is to provide internship opportunities for Oregon Tech students in Oregon's leading manufacturing companies and firms that employ a wide range of engineering disciplines.

Oregon Tech Career Services Job Search and Resume Posting

Want to work for employers who are looking for Oregon Tech graduates? Career Services has developed a website for employers and Oregon Tech students to interact. Employers who are actively seeking Oregon Tech students post job opportunities daily and search for qualified students. As a student or an alumnus, you are able to search these different job opportunities and post your resume for employers.

Supplemental Applications for MECOP/CECOP

Supplemental applications are being accepted for the Multiple Engineering Cooperative Program/Civil Engineering Cooperative Program (MECOP/CECOP). Junior students in the following majors are encouraged to apply: MET, MFG, SET and Geomatics. Junior students in Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering are also eligible to apply.

To apply, please visit the following website: http://mecop.orst.edu/. The application form is under: Students: Applying to MECOP/CECOP: Supplemental-1.

Note that you also have to mail in a copy of your application along with unofficial transcripts (or deliver them to Brian Moravec in BH 163). Please contact Brian Moravec for additional details.

Brian Moravec, MECOP Director

OfficeKlamath Falls Campus - Boivin Hall 163

Contact Career Services:

Jennifer Kass

Jennifer Kass, Associate Director of Career Services

OfficeWilsonville Campus, Student Services

Jennifer has an MBA and an MA in Counseling, plus 20+ years working in corporate and consulting environments. She now help students and alumni to formulate and achieve their career goals.

Jennifer is the primary contact for the Wilsonville Campus. The easiest way to seek help is to email Jennifer with your career questions and your availability. She can either work with you by phone/email or set up an appointment. We help students and alumni, so don’t hesitate to reach out!