Athletics Tickets

2011 - 2012 Tickets

Tickets will start going in the mail in October!  If you are ordering more than one seat or set be sure and click on the "update quantity" button after changing to the desired quantity.

Reserved seats should each be added as separate items selecting the appropriate seat assignment.  You must have a seat assignment to purchase reserved seats online.

All tickets are individual cut tickets for each game.  This allows us to ensure that we are not exceeding facility capacity.

Be sure and follow through all the steps before closing your browser.  You should receive an email confirmation of your transaction with a transaction number assigned shortly after final submission.

  • To allow all patrons to enjoy the experience at Oregon Tech Basketball events we ask that individuals who wish to stand during the game use the end zone seating.  No standing is permitted in the East general section.
  • General Admission seating does not commit to the quality of the seat available.  You should come as early as you feel is necessary to secure the seat you desire or purchase a reserved seat.
  • Some of Oregon Tech's seating, in the general and reserved sections, is considered "obstruction" seating.  This means that there is a possibility that not all of the court is visible.
  • The West section with seat backs is Reserved Seating and all seats are individually assigned.  Persons sitting in this section must have a ticket which indicates the assigned seat.
  • Use of seat chairs or seat pads is permitted, provided:  They do not interfere with access of isles or access/seating comfort of the person sitting behind or that they do cause your extremities to interfere with the access or seating comfort of the person in front of you.



  • There are currently no items available for sale.