Combined Oregon Institute of Technology and Southern Oregon University
M.Ed. with emphasis in ABA and ASD

The Oregon Tech and SOU ABA/ASD program is a collaborative 45-credit graduate program leading to the Master Degree in Education (MEd) with emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The program is designed to meet the growing demand for well-qualified professionals who provide services for families and individuals with ASD and other social/emotional conditions needing intensive behavioral interventions.

The curriculum is comprised of Oregon Tech's 27 credit BCBA® course sequence and 18 credits of SOU's ASD course sequence. Upon completion, graduates will receive a Master Degree in Education from SOU and a Graduate Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis from Oregon Tech. With the Graduate Certificate in ABA and requisite supervised experience, graduates will meet the training and eligibility requirements to take the national exam to become a certified behavior analyst.


For descriptions of the courses in the Graduate Certificate in ABA go to Grad Certificate ABA
For more information about the ASD courses contact Jo-Anne Lau-Smith

Locations & Schedules

  • SOU's ASD courses are taught at the Higher Education Center (HEC) in Medford
  • Oregon Tech's ABA courses are taught at the Portland-Metro Campus (in Wilsonville) and at the HEC in Medford
  • ALL courses are available to students at any location via online video conferencing

The program is designed for working adults with evening and week-end classes and flexible pacing. Individuals may complete the program in one year or may opt to take fewer classes per term, extending the time to degree.

How to Apply

Interested students will need to complete applications to SOU and Oregon Tech.

For more information on applying to SOU's MEd program contact Anita Caster 

To apply to and register for Oregon Tech's ABA classes:

  1. Login and then follow the link to create an account.
  2. After creating your new account, choose the option to Start a new Graduate Application for admission from your new account homepage.
  3. When prompted identify yourself as a non-degree seeking student and the Southern Oregon University location.
  4. Select the ABA program.
  5. Submit your completed application. An Oregon Tech ID number will be issued after your application is processed.

After you receive your Oregon Tech ID number, you may register for classes and follow the directions posted.

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