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Career Opportunities

What do you do with a Math Degree?

The career of a modern mathematician is similar to the career of many professionals who work in the sciences. You will find B.A.'s and B.S.'s in Mathematics working for:

  • Pharmaceutical companies (doing statistical analysis, or modelling the behavior of developing drugs using differential equations)
  • Insurance companies (as actuaries)
  • Publishing companies (as editors of technical publications)
  • Government agencies (like the National Security Agency)
  • Public schools

The links provided offer a much more in-depth look at the variety of careers awaiting the applied mathematician. Our program's emphasis on mathematical rigor paired with demonstrated ability in another field besides mathematics offers our graduates "the best of both worlds" - the knowledge to apply mathematics to a field of one's choosing. Perhaps the most disarming answer to the question of "What do you do with a Math degree?" is "Anything you want to!"

This is truly the sentiment of many math majors featured in SIAM's Profiles of Mathematicians and Computational Scientists. See what they have to say about their mathematical careers!

Who's Hiring Math Majors?

Graduate Success Rate

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Data are derived from a comprehensive effort among graduates, approximately six months post-graduation. Graduate outcomes were sought from 1,244 graduates with a response rate of 75%, and these data were combined with information collected for the classes of 2014, 2015 and 2016. More information regarding the data used is available from Oregon Tech's Career Services.