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Psychology Graduate School Resources

Graduate School Resources

Thinking of applying to graduate school to attend a Master’s or Ph.D. program? We can help! The Applied Psychology program at Oregon Tech well prepares students for graduate school by offering an extensive variety of courses, applied experiences (such as the Youth Mentorship Program or the Relationship Building Program), research opportunities (for instance, the opportunity to attend the WPA Convention with the Psychology Club or work 1-on-1 with a faculty member on a research project), and externship! Graduate schools love seeing the diverse experiences of Oregon Tech Applied Psychology students. We now are also offering the opportunity to receive a Master’s level BCBA degree at both the Portland-Metro and Klamath Falls campuses for qualified students!

In graduate school, you can specialize in one of many areas of psychology, including Industrial/Organizational, Developmental, Educational or School, Cognitive, Social, Health, Neuroscience/Neuropsychology, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Counseling/Clinical, and Forensic Psychology. Students with a B.S. in Applied Psychology might also be interested in Master’s degrees in Social Work or Business, or even attending law school.

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Plan ahead! Many graduate school applications are due in December or January of your senior year at Oregon Tech. It is helpful to research potential graduate schools during the summer months before your senior year, and also study for and take your Graduate Record Exams (GREs)! You will need to ask your professors and mentors for recommendation letters, so plan to ask early! It is essential to ask for a letter of recommendation a minimum of 1 month in advance of the due date.

Different Graduate Programs in Psychology

How do you know which type of graduate program is best for you? Ask yourself the following questions: 1) Which psychology classes at Oregon Tech did you enjoy the most? 2) What did you learn from your externship or other applied experiences? 3) Do you see yourself in school for 2 more years (for a Master’s degree) or 5+ more years (for a Ph.D.)? and 4) What are your ultimate career goals? We recommend talking with your academic advisor or one of the psychology professors about your options! Resources for searching for the right program for you are below:

General Resources: