Applied Psychology Minor

A minor in psychology is a complement to any major. Learning about psychology informs you on how and why human beings think and behave as they do. Courses in psychology also empower you to become more educated consumers of research and media, increasing your ability to ask challenging questions, think critically, and keep an open mind to consider diverse perspectives. Additionally, psychology courses teach you how to communicate clearly and work collaboratively to support and motivate others. Developing such capacities becomes a valued strength in the workplace and may enable you to take on unique tasks and leadership positions. An increased understanding of others and an ability to live interdependently with them can enrich your personal life. For these reasons we invite you to seriously consider adding psychology as a minor.

A Minor in Psychology is now available on campus, entirely online, or a combination.

Requirements for a Minor in Psychology

The Psychology Minor requires a minimum of 24 credits in psychology courses. The minor may prove valuable to students in a wide variety of majors. The field of psychology is broad and has applications in many career fields. It may enhance employability and improve graduate school possibilities. The psychology minor is open to all majors and is especially recommended for students majoring in allied health and medical sciences, management, and communication studies.

Course Description Credits
PSY 201 Psychology 3
PSY 202 Psychology 3
PSY 203 Psychology 3
Psychology Elective 3
Upper Division Psychology Electives 12

For all courses counted toward the Psychology Minor, a letter grade of "C" or better is required to be awarded the minor. At least 12 credits of courses in this minor must be completed at Oregon Tech. Students are encouraged to consult with the Applied Psychology Advising Coordinator to select psychology courses that would be most applicable to their major and/or career goals.

How to Declare a Minor in Psychology:

  1. Contact your psychology faculty academic advisor, the Registrar’s office, or email to declare a minor in psychology.
  2. Complete the psychology minor application form from the Registrar prior to graduation:
  3. Bring the minor application form to Dr. Alishia Huntoon or Dr. Maria Lynn Kessler for approval and signature before securing the signature of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department Chair, Dr. Mark Neupert.

For More Information

Contact and consult with an academic advisor in the Applied Psychology Program for help with selecting courses and ensuring that all requirements are met.