Youth Mentorship

​A Unique Experience!
Oregon Tech is proud to offer all of its enrolled students the opportunity to enroll in the Youth Mentorship Program. Our Oregon Tech mentors are connecting at-promise youth with college students in their community in efforts to foster growth in youth development and introduce youth to the college experience.

The Oregon Tech Youth Mentorship Course is a service learning course supported by the Applied Psychology Program and the local non-profit organization Citizens for Safe Schools. Oregon Tech undergraduate students serve as mentors for at-promise youth identified in the community. Youth are matched with one mentor from Oregon Tech for one academic year. Mentors and mentees are engaged in a variety of learning experiences that focus on elements of relationship building, academic success, future goals, and social skill development.

Youth Mentors March 2015

IMG_1816Benefits for Oregon Tech Students:

  • Meet new people
  • Give to the community
  • Grad school application booster
  • Fill social science requirements
  • Experience to put on a job resume
  • Opportunity to work with youth in Klamath Falls

​Course Description

The Youth Mentorship Course is an applied learning experience working with local youth in 8th and 9th grades. Enrolled students are engaged as mentors for youth, utilizing skills in guiding social, academic, emotional, and cognitive development. This course may be repeated for credit.

The Youth Mentorship Program is a series of three courses available to all majors. The Program will begin Fall Term and end Spring Term. Course numbers are PSY 441, PSY 442, and PSY 443. The course requires Oregon Tech students to attend class every Monday evening from 3pm- 8pm to accommodate youth.

Course Design

3:00pm - 3:50pm Pre Lab: Group Discussion from assigned readings and Announcements
3:50pm - 4:00pm Youth arrive at Oregon Tech
4:00pm - 4:30pm Walk and Talks – choose a site at Oregon Tech to visit and have one on one engagement
4:30pm - 5:30pm Academics: mentees work on homework and skill building with their mentor
5:30pm - 6:00pm Dinner (food provided) - mentor families of eight share a family style dinner
6:00pm - 7:00pm Mentors lead activities – e.g. arts, crafts, sports, games
7:00pm - 8:00pm Post Lab: After mentees leave – debriefing and evening write-ups

​How to Enroll

The Youth Mentorship Course requires an application process and instructor approval. The application process takes place during spring term for the Youth Mentorship Program that takes place the next academic year (Fall – Spring). If you are interested in becoming a Youth Mentor, applications are available below and can be submitted by contacting the instructor for this course, Dr. Alishia Huntoon at

Application Materials

“Seeing their faces light up when they realize they can do something that they thought they couldn't is what it's all about” - Tanner Manselle, Mentor

IMG_1833Who are the Mentors?

  • Undergraduate students at Oregon Tech
  • Students that major in any Oregon Tech program
  • Students that complete Youth Development training
  • Students that pass a background check
  • Students interested in working with youth

IMG_1837Who are the Mentees?

  • Students that attend Klamath Union High School (KU)
  • Students that are enrolled in the 9th grade at KU
  • Students that are identified as needing extra support
  • KU students that are willing to participate in the program

Local Mentoring Outcomes:

  • Mentored students are 68% more likely to improve their grades.
  • Mentored students are 38% more likely to have increase attendance rates.
  • Mentored students are 3 times less likely to commit acts of delinquency in school or community.

“Youth mentorship is a great opportunity to learn from our youth and reach out to one very special person.” - Jamie Matthews, Mentor

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For More Information:

Dr. Alishia Huntoon, Applied Psychology Program Director

 Semon Hall 101

​Supporting Partners:

  • Judge Adkisson
  • Ponderosa Middle School
  • Sky Lakes Medical Center
  • Klamath Union High School
  • Oregon Tech Psychology Club
  • Klamath Lake County Food Bank