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Water / Environment Course Offerings

Fluid Mechanics

fluid mechanics

Students learn the fundamental properties of fluids, fluid statics, fluids in motion, pressure variation, and flow in conduits. Civil and mechanical engineering applications of fluid mechanics principles are considered in hands-on laboratory experiments.


Students learn techniques to determine appropriate water demands and wastewater flows for design, and evaluate fluid and constituent flow in piping systems. Using current computer modeling tools, students analyze and design piped water distribution networks (including selection of appropriate pumps and appurtenant fittings) and piped wastewater and stormwater collection systems.


hydrologyStudents examine components of the hydrologic cycle, particularly measurement of rainfall, runoff and streamflow. Students become familiar with runoff modeling and estimation techniques, and associated design of hydrologic structures and systems.

Environmental Engineering

Students are introduced to environmental engineering calculations, while becoming familiar with physical, chemical, and biological elements of the natural environment. Students consider the environmental impacts of anthropogenic activities, and are introduced to typical control and pollution prevention technologies. Students consider the legal regulatory framework governing environmental management.

Geotechnical Engineering

Students are introduced to geotechnical and related structural materials, particularly focusing on soils, aggregates, and concrete mixtures. Laboratory experiences explore soil classification and measurement of a variety of soil and aggregate properties.

Environmental Science (ENV) Dual Major

You can complete a second baccalaureate degree in Environmental Sciences, built on your Civil Engineering skill set, with only one more year of coursework. Contact Prof. Thaemert or Dr. Michael Hughes for information on this dual major option.

Syllabi & Course Materials

Course-specific syllabi, modifications, lecture notes, assignments, solutions, templates, and/or reference materials are available to enrolled students via Blackboard Learn (access through MyOIT).