CIV 328 - Structural Analysis

CIV 328                              STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS                              Winter 2010

Instructor:      Sean St.Clair, PhD, PE
                        OW 104

Office Hours: 
Monday:                1:00 - 2:00
Wednesday:         11:00-12:00
Thursday:             10:00-11:00
By appointment
Anytime my door is open

Lecture:          MWF: 10:00-10:50     OW 123

Recitation:      M:         2:00 - 4:50     OW 208

Text:               Hibbeler, R.C. (2008). Structural Analysis. Seventh Ed., Prentice Hall.

Description:    Types of structures.  Loads according to International Building Code. Analysis of statically determinate structures. Influence lines for statically determinate structures.  Analysis of statically indeterminate structures by force and displacement methods.  Software applications. 


Objectives:     By the end of this course, students will be able to:

·        Correctly use the concepts of force equilibrium to analyze determinate structures

·        Analyze determinate trusses to determine internal forces

·        Draw shear and moment diagrams for beams and frames

·        Draw influence lines for structural elements

·        Calculate member deflections

·        Use force and displacement methods to analyze indeterminate structures

Grading:         Homework:      20% see attached homework policy

                        Exams:             50% total for three exams

                        Final:                30% required and cumulative

                        90-100%         A
                        80-89%           B
                        70-79%           C
                        60-69%           D*                   *Per ABET recommendations, D is a 
                            -59%           F                        failing grade in all CIV classes

Additionally, to finish the course and receive a grade, you must complete a total of ten (10) competencies in the following seven (7) topics with a maximum of two (2) competencies per topic: force equilibrium, truss analysis, shear and moment diagrams, influence lines, deflections, displacement method of indeterminate analysis, and force method of analysis.  These competencies must be completed in a proctored setting such as during an exam or quiz or at CFLAT.  If competencies are completed in all areas, for a total of fourteen (14) competencies, the final is not required.

Class participation it is not only expected, it is required.  Borderline students may be bumped over the border based on their class participation.

Homework and exams cannot be made up without a valid and verifiable excuse. If you know in advance that you are going to be gone on a homework or exam day, please make arrangements with me to perform these in advance.

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    Ignore the statement in Step 6 that says "On this printout, comment on the differences between the actual reactions from RISA and your approximate reactions from the homework," because we did not do Homework Problem 7-31.
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