Jordan Townley

Jordan Townley

Alumnus, Class of 2017
Hometown: Red Bluff, CA


  • Research paper “The Influences of Music on Recall Ability” was accepted into the Northwest Communication Association (NWCA) in 2016
  • Also presented at the 2016 NWCA conference on a panel titled “Transcending Disciplinary Boundaries: Bridging Perspectives on Musical Discourse” with three professors from Oregon Tech
  • Certification in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • Made the President’s list seven out of eight terms at Oregon Tech and the Dean’s list the remaining term

Why did you choose Oregon Tech?

I chose Oregon Tech because of the small class sizes, the broad range of experience demonstrated by the communication professors, and also in part because my best friend was applying with me to attend Oregon Tech.

What do you like most about your major?

The thing I enjoy most about the communication major is that it molds to the needs of student aspirations. It has a broad range of application in the real world while it simultaneously hones in on very specific skills. A communication major at Oregon Tech provides not only practical skills and knowledge, but it also provides students with an ability to think and articulate critical thinking, adapt to unfamiliar contexts, and utilize effective communication through a host of avenues.

What would be your dream job in your major?

My dream job is becoming a foreign services officer in United States embassies overseas and is the career that I am actively pursuing upon graduation.

What's your favorite thing to do off campus?

I have many hobbies – some of which include being in ultimate Frisbee and flag football leagues, playing music for weddings, and being outdoors with my German Shepherd. My primary hobby is playing the cello and guitar in my down time as well as being on a worship team at my church.

What's your most memorable moment within your school career?

One of the many memorable experiences that I had at Oregon Tech was traveling to Paris to participate in an international media seminar as part of a communication course. Other memorable moments would be conducting and then presenting my research project to the NWCA conference in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and also participating in a panel at the conference with three other professors from Oregon Tech. I also earned my NAUI scuba certification after successful completion of a scuba training course at Oregon Tech.

Do you have employment/graduate school plans for after graduation?

I aspire to become a foreign services officer in United States embassies overseas. I have a passion for traveling and experiencing new cultures. I believe that the communications major at Oregon Tech has more than adequately prepared me to undertake my ambitious career choice.