Sponsored Projects

Chelsea Whiteley Project photo
ENV student, Chelsea Whiteley, taking plant samples at Hank's Marsh, Upper Klamath Lake, as part of a vegetation nutrient analysis study. (Photo credit: Andy Ray)

Student Projects

The ENV program requires students to complete sophomore and senior project series. Sophomore and senior projects serve as "capstone" experiences within the program, providing students with the opportunity to identify an environmental issue of concern and interest while gaining practical experience in formulating a systematic, scientific investigation with which to approach the issue. Each student selects an appropriate level of technology to use in his/her study as part of applying the scientific method.

The sophomore project is completed over two terms and the senior project is spread over four terms. Students prepare the groundwork for their sophomore project in winter term of their sophomore year; spring term of sophomore year incorporates data collection, analysis, and report presentation.  The senior project series begins fall and winter terms of junior year with data collection taking place during the spring or summer terms and data analysis and report presentation completed in fall term of senior year.

Project topics depend on student interest, but all students are required to work with an "industry counterpart"--someone from a company or agency who can provide direction and support for the project.  Below is a list of recent student projects.  Links to some project reports are provided on this page.

Andrew Lutz SWS 2009
ENV student, Andrew Lutz, presents his project, "Patterns of Vegetation Development at the Wood River Wetland, Oregon" at the Society of Wetland Scientists Conference, 2009. (Photo credit: Andy Ray)

Recent Project Topics & Counterpart Organizations


"Mortality of Handled Adult Lost River and Shortnose Suckers in Upper Klamath Lake, OR, 2010" US Geological Survey
"Installation of a Photovoltaic System at KingsleyField Air National Guard" Kingsley Field Air Base
"Analysis and Mapping of Social Trails at Lava Beds National Monument" Lava Beds National Monument
"Spatial and Temporal Variability of River Quality in the Sprague River Basin" Klamath Tribes
"Wetland Vegetation Nutrient Uptake Abilities" Oregon Tech & Bureau of Land Management
"Relocating Lost River Suckers for Spawning at Harriman Spring, Upper Klamath Lake, 2010" US Fish & Wildlife Service
"Otolith Formation in Lost River and Shortnose Suckers of the Upper Klamath Basin" US Geological Survey
"Juvenile Bull Trout Densities in the Metolius River, OR" Portland General Electric
"Analysis of Oregon Tech's Waste System" Oregon Tech
"How Far Will Geese Go For Food?" OR Dept. of Fish & Wildlife
"The Fremont Management Plan Project" Fremont-Winema National Forest
"Evaluating Road Closures on Public Lands" Fremont-Winema National Forest
"Public Lands Road Inventory" Fremont-Winema National Forest