Alex Perry

Alex Perry

Alumna, Class of 2016
Major(s): Health Sciences
Hometown: Crescent City, CA

Post-graduate program: Doctor of Optometry (O.D.) at the Southern College of Optometry (Memphis, TN)

O.D. graduation year: 2020

What are you doing now, career-wise (or what do you plan to do after graduating)?

I am currently attending optometry school- learning about the eyes, visual system, and the human body as a whole. After graduation, I plan to return to the rural west, to work in private practice. My goal as an optometric physician is to provide personalized primary eye care and specialize in ocular disease.

What is one thing that you really appreciated about our program at Oregon Tech?

The amazing professors and their commitment to real-world application is what sets OIT apart from the rest. All of my professors were so accomplished, yet so approachable and down to earth! The professors at OIT truly care about their students’ success. I was never just handed facts to recite on a test. Instead, we participated in hands-on experiments, discussed current events, and analyzed research papers. These experiences taught me to think critically- a skill I will use throughout my entire career.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to a student in our program today?

This program is rigorous and challenging, but don’t get so bogged down by school that you neglect to develop yourself as an individual, as well. Make time to meet people, get involved in a school organization, get some job experience, find a hobby, invest in the community. Not only will graduate schools be looking for qualities that distinguish you from hundreds of other applicants, but these experiences will also give you a better sense of what you want out of life and your future career.

Profile updated Feb 2017