Carly Peterschmidt

Carly Peterschmidt

Alumna, Class of 2010
Major(s): Health Sciences
Hometown: Medford, OR

Post-graduate program: Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) at Oregon Health & Sciences University (OHSU) in Portland, OR

D.M.D. graduation year: 2014

What are you doing now, career-wise?

As a new dentist, I am working in two very different sectors of the dental world to gain more experience serving various patient populations. I am working as an associate in a private practice in Eugene, OR, and for Willamette Dental in Corvallis, OR. I am currently learning a lot from both jobs and growing in my career!

What is one thing that you really appreciated about our program at Oregon Tech?

When comparing my undergraduate experience to my colleagues in dental school and to my two years spent at OSU, I was really proud to have graduated from OIT. The small class sizes truly enhanced my learning experience. For example, at OIT, there were 12 students in my Anatomy and Physiology course. We were provided four fresh cadavers to learn from via dissection. Not one of my classmates at OHSU had this experience. Most schools don’t allow undergraduate students to dissect the cadavers. They were forced to learn from previous dissections that were difficult to preserve. I learned so much about the human body by doing the dissections myself.

Also, the professors in the Biology and Health Sciences program are incredible! I took classes from Dr. Clark, Dr. O’Shaughnessy, and Dr. Usher. Each of these individuals has an impressive background, is an excellent teacher, and truly cares about their students.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to a student in our program today?

Post-graduate medical programs want well-rounded individuals. Of course, focus on your studies, but also find other things that you are passionate about, such as sports, community service, humanitarian trips, research, clubs or hobbies! Don’t let your career choice be your entire life.


Profile updated Sept 2014