Kalyn English

Kalyn English

Alumna, Class of 2012
Major(s): Health Sciences

Post-graduate program: Doctor of osteopathic medicine (DO), Western University of Health Sciences-Northwest (Lebanon)

D.O. graduation year (expected): 2017

What are you doing now, career-wise (or what do you plan to do after graduating)?

Currently, I am attending medical school at Western University of Health Sciences at the Northwest Campus. After graduating, I plan on practicing as either a primary care physician, a critical care specialist, or a hospitalist. No matter which specialty I go into; however, I do plan on integrating holistic medicine into the way I practice.

What is one thing that you really appreciated about our program at Oregon Tech?

My undergraduate education at Oregon Tech was spectacular. I’m not just saying that because I was asked to write this Alumni spotlight- I really don’t think I could’ve received a better education. The quality of the faculty was outstanding and the learning environment was phenomenal. I appreciated the small class sizes and the easy access to the professors. There were many times I sat at the tables on the second floor of Dow when a professor came and sat down with me and asked if I had any questions; I don’t know any other school where that occurs. I am more than satisfied with the education I received at Oregon Tech and I owe it all to the professors (with a special thanks to Dr. Usher, Dr. Clark, Dr. Swisher, and Dr. O).

What is one piece of advice that you would give to a student in our program today?

I’m assuming that the students in the Health Sciences/Biology degree are all wanting to go into the healthcare field, so this advice is for all the pre-health provider students. First off, take all of your classes seriously; the information comes up again in medical school, only much more in depth. Secondly, make sure that you are going into the health profession for genuine reasons. Medical school is hard and extremely stressful. And, at the end of your medical education you will be given the power to change the lives of human beings. If you don’t want to be a doctor/dentist, etc. with everything you have, then I recommend another profession. Lastly, if you know that being a doctor is in your blood, then don’t give up. If you are denied acceptance into medical school, then try again. You WILL get in.


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